Instituting sustainability and green products into the pool and spa industrys

Kirstin Pires For some consumers, green is a closely held value and way of life. For others, it's a fashion. Regardless of the motivation, nearly all consumers are interested in the idea of sustainability and green products. So the question is no longer, "Should we institute some green practices?" The question is now, "How can we institute green practices?"

The first step is education: What exactly does it mean to be green? The answer is complicated, but this issue of AQUA aims to explore the concepts, illuminate some of the metrics that already exist and, hopefully, start a conversation about how to preserve the green of the place we live - planet earth - while also preserving and enhancing the green of business success.

As we created this issue, I was surprised and pleased to learn that there is a whole range of things we can do to take better care of the planet, some of them surprisingly simple to institute, some of them we're already doing. For example it's just as easy to throw something in a recycling bin as it is to throw it in the trash. And concrete pools actually score quite well on the green scale with locally sourced concrete that can have a good percentage of recycled material. Rebar, too, tends to have plenty of recycled content.

So I hope you'll join us as we learn about sustainable practices and I'm especially looking forward to hearing from you about what you've learned and how you're implementing new practices. I think we'll find (with apologies to Kermit The Frog) that it's not that difficult being green.

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