In the Hot Seat: 2021 Spas Product Focus

From recreational fun to therapeutic relief, spas of all kinds have a lot to offer β€” and they're only getting more advanced. With a range of seating, jets, lighting, aesthetic options and more, there's something for every buyer. Check out a wide variety of spas and spa-related products from top-tier manufacturers below.



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DEL Ozone Spa systems from CMP provide powerful ozone technology for spas. These spa sanitizers reduce chemical demand to provide a more natural way of keeping spas clean and clear. DEL Ozone Spa is compact ozone for spas with adjustable output. Advanced Plasma Gap (APG2) technology uses corona discharge to create ozone. While oxidizing contaminants and penetrating biofilm buildup, the high ozone output also destroys chemical-resistant pathogens and microorganisms. Ozone micro-clarifies the water and breaks down bad-smelling chloramines so that the residual sanitizer can work better. Working alongside a residual, DEL Ozone Spa creates safer, cleaner, clearer spa water. | (800) 733-9060



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Bullfrog Spas
The M Series premium spa line by Bullfrog Spas offers simple intuitive functionality, gorgeous aesthetics and versatile layouts to accommodate every individual and family, the company says. Each of the three models β€” the M9, M8 or M7 β€” provides an unseen and unmatched spa experience. M Series premium spas are the ultimate way to enjoy a peaceful body, peaceful mind and peaceful home. | (801) 565-8111



Zzz 921 Aq Diamond1 Sm

Diamond Spas
Diamond Spas, manufacturer of stainless steel and copper pools, spas, glass-walled pools and spas, portable spas and cold therapy pools, introduces this sophisticated rooftop stainless steel spa. This spa is designed with a descending stairway, two loungers on each side of the spa, bench seating and LED lighting. The lightweight metal reduces engineering and structural costs and offers unlimited design options. | (800) 951-7727



4 F 921 Aq Marquis Corp2 Sm

Marquis Corp.
Marquis' Crown Collection Dynamic Flow Control Valve is powerfully simple. Turn the lever towards red to activate the red H.O.T. Zone jets. Turn it towards blue to activate the blue jets. Anywhere in between activates all the jets in a seat. Plus, an intuitive air control valve dials in the perfect sensation. Thanks to a Dynamic Flow Control Valve or auxiliary pump button near each seat, the perfect jet setting is always within reach. | (503) 838-0888



4 J 921 Aq Nordic Hot Tubs2 Sm

Nordic Hot Tubs
For over 25 years, Nordic Hot Tubs has provided high-quality, therapeutic and affordable hot tubs. At the heart of the company's mission is its STAR philosophy, meaning every hot tub should be simple, therapeutic, affordable and reliable. Nordic Hot Tubs are hand-crafted in Grand Rapids, Mich., and were named one of the top five hot tubs in the world by The Robb Report, the company says. When you purchase a Nordic Hot Tub, you're purchasing the company's passion for true whirlpool therapy, its commitment to the highest quality and its drive to exceed expectations in value and performance. | (616) 916-5586



4 A 921 Aq Endless1 Sm

Endless Pools
Endless Pools Fitness Systems offer eight swim spa models across three distinctive categories. These systems combine the original Endless Pools Swim Machine with an optional underwater treadmill. The laminar current is variable, wider than the swimmer's body and deeper than their stroke, simulating an open-water swim. SwimCross Exercise Systems feature an airless, four-jet current for smooth, variable resistance. RecSport Recreation Systems offer the ideal space for exercise and play for the entire family at an affordable price, the company says. | (800) 910-2714



4 C 921 Aq Hydro Ther1 Sm

HydroTher Commercial Hot Tubs
HydroTher Commercial Hot Tubs are manufactured from ultra-thick, one-piece acrylic. These fiberglass-reinforced hot tubs are designed to withstand the demands of heavily used commercial installations. With the unique self-cleaning floor, wide mouth skimmer and automatic water level controller, maintenance and cleaning are virtually effortless. Multiple safety suction fittings provide maximum circulation and safety. | (905) 890-3111



4 N 921 Aq Strong Spas1 Sm

Strong Spas
Strong Spas is excited to feature its Wi-Fi App and DURA-SHIELD HardCover. Available on Summit Series spas, this app allows the user to control temperature, jets, filtration, lighting and more from anywhere. Users can set the spa to be hot upon return home from work or play. Strong's patented DURA-SHIELD HardCover was engineered to provide tough protection and thermal efficiency. DURA-SHIELD can hold well over 1,000 lbs, minimizing the risk of kids or pets entering while blocking out debris and snow, the company says. American-made, Strong Spas are sold throughout North America and Europe. | (570) 275-2700



4 K 921 Aq Pdc Spas1 Sm

PDC Spas
The American-made TruSwim Propulsion Series Swim Spas collection offers four models, ranging in size from the space-conscious 15-foot model to the 19-foot Dual Zone. Delivering up to 5,000 gallons per minute, the patented, hydraulic TruSwim dual propulsion system provides a strong, wide and smooth swimming experience. For two years running, PDC Spas has been voted Swim Spa of the Year by independent agency Top 10 Reviews for its product quality and lineup, backed by exceptional customer service, support and warranty, the company says. | (800) 451-1420



Ojj 919 Aq Nespa Tiled Spas Sm

Nespa Tiled Spas
Nespa Tiled Spas are for the customer that wants beauty and elegance to reflect their lifestyle and their home. Each spa is custom-built and tiled by highly skilled artisans, the company says. A wide array of finishes are available from mosaic glass to porcelain and natural stone. Available as movables or portables, including auto cover options. | (530) 534-9910



Oyy 920 Aq Coast Spas Sm

Coast Spas
Coast Spas' Purfikt features a modern design and patented infinity edge. Dual 24-inch fusion waterfalls spill into a large open seating area with two lounging seats that look out over the wide negative edge. Flush, stainless-steel-ringed massage jets line the bathing area. Air and water adjustment controls are all hidden from view, with the only visible spa control being the color touchscreen panel. The exterior comes in a wood or rattan finish, and a wide ring of programmable vibrant light surrounds the base of the spa. | (604) 514-8111



6 A 921 Aq Jacuzzi Sm

The Jacuzzi Swim Spa Collection features All Seasons Pools that harness the latest in-place swim current technology and the historic performance of Jacuzzi PowerPro jets. Models range from a powerful, adjustable swim experience for every level to models that let you swim, play and relax. All spas include the exclusive FORM Smart Swim Goggles to capture and analyze performance in real-time without having an in-person coach, and four optimal hydromassage options. Whether in-place swimming, resistance exercising, or sitting in ergonomic seats with jets placed to perfectly match key muscles used to swim, the Jacuzzi Swim Spa Collection delivers the perfect swim year-round, the company says. | (866) 234-7727



4 H 921 Aq Natare1 Sm

Natare Corporation
Natare stainless steel spas are ideal for any facility where the soothing effects of water in motion are desired. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and depths, these stainless steel spas can be placed inground, freestanding or on an elevated surface such as a rooftop terrace. After a fast and easy installation, these lightweight, durable and flexible spas will provide years of trouble-free service with minimal upkeep and maintenance, the company says. Optional features include complete mechanical and filtration systems, access equipment and rehabilitation systems, counter-swim and hydrotherapy. | (800) 336-8828



4 G 921 Aq Master Spas1 Sm

Master Spas
Master Spas is making it easier for athletes to train at home while maintaining a competitive edge. The new H2X Challenger 18D Pro features three swim pumps and six airless jets for a smooth, clear swim experience. While the top speed current can challenge most any athlete, the variable-speed setting makes it easy to find the sweet spot. The H2X Challenger 18D Pro allows athletes to put more into their training while balancing family and recovery. Additional features include hydrotherapy jets, a stand-up recovery cove and LED lighting. | (260) 436-9100



4 M 921 Aq Saratoga1 Sm

Saratoga Spa Company
The Beekman is a unique, double lounge spa that seats five adults. The spacious footwell provides plenty of leg room to stretch out. The ergonomic deep seating in the lounge and primary seats allow users to fully soak beneath the water. This is a three-jet pump system that provides Saratoga Spa Direct and Passive Impact Jet Therapy. The company's Whisper Clean Water System delivers 35 GPM Circulation and Ozone Injection. The LED lighting systems provide inside and outside ambiance for the user's soaking experience. | (518) 786-1200



5 Y 921 Aq Maax881 Sm

The American Whirlpool 881 features a lounge seat that offers a complete body massage and has the capacity for up to six people. Massage features include the new Shoulder Relief Zone, new Carpal Tunnel jets, hamstring jets, calf jets, updated Foot Relief Zone and new Comfort Collar design with Neck Relief Zone. Enlarged seats for this 8-by-8-foot hot tub houses 64 jets, and the outside features updated American Whirlpool side rail styling for a luxurious backyard centerpiece. | (480) 895-0598



5 V 921 Aq Cal Spas Sm

Cal Spas
The Cal Spas X Series line combines the company's most popular models to provide the latest ergonomic and hydrotherapy spa series yet. With luxurious upgrades β€” including hyper-powered pumps, strong pulsating jets, premium controls and sleek corners β€” the X Series gives users a one-of-a kind feel and look. The X Series includes state-of-the-art materials and technology, voice control compatible spa settings, stunning touch screen displays and smartphone compatibility. The X Series is taking the spa experience to the next level, the company says. | (800) 225-7727


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