Remembering William “Bil” Kennedy of P.K. Data

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WilliamWilliam “Bil” Morris Kennedy, 72, Founder of P.K. Data, Inc, passed away in his sleep the morning after Christmas Day last year. He is survived by his fiancée Julie M. Adkison and his son J. Maxwell Kennedy.

Many of you know my father, Bil, as the leading expert in data market research for the pool and spa industry. I am honored to be able to use this platform to speak about my father and the impact he had on our lives and the industry.

Bil was a fan of his alma mater’s football team, the University of Florida Gators, and his hometown Detroit Lions/Red Wings. He spent his off-time jogging regularly, reading, basking in the Florida sun, feeding the turkeys at his home in the mountains of Georgia, researching stocks, cars, George Carlin, always tinkering with new statistical analysis tools, and cooking. He was a highly intelligent human being and naturally charming.

Bil started P.K. Data, Inc back in 1988 with my mother Peggy Kennedy (hence, “P.K.” Data), in Atlanta, Georgia. They worked hard to provide clients reliable market research while raising my brother and I. All four of us worked for the business at some point during the 30+ years we have been in business. My brother and I would often visit our father at his office in Alpharetta growing up and enjoyed meeting the various associates and clients that helped make P.K. Data as successful as it is today.

It wasn’t until 1992 when P.K. Data began to delve into the pool and spa industry. Bil quickly became an expert in the field, using his knack for statistical analysis to compile significant data, surveys, and build extensive reports that became the leading source for knowledge in the industry. If you worked for a pool and spa company in the last 28 years, big or small, you probably consulted with Bil at some point or received some of his data. When it comes to pools and spas, the P.K. Data brand is the Amazon of data market research; you trust it.

William Morris Kennedy, June 3rd 1948 - December 26th 2020, my father and a cherished member of the pool and spa industry will certainly be missed by all who knew him.

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