Chill Tubs Live on ITV’s "This Morning"

As cold water therapy becomes more popular, Chill Tubs was chosen to feature live on ITV’s "This Morning" on June 19.

The master of ice baths Wim Hof joined live from his ice bath in the Netherlands talking about the wellness benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and gradually building up time spent in cold water.

Simon Waterson, a fitness guru with over 25 years of experience, also talked about how to get started in cold water and the mental and physical benefits it can bring.

TV presenter Matthew Wright then took the plunge into the Chill Tub at 8.3 degrees and later reported that evening that he felt strangely well and was buzzing from the experience.

Holly Willoughby and Dermot O’Leary presented the item with Holly herself having experience of ice baths. Holly presented Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof last year where a host of stars took on icy challenges. A year after the show, she finally took the plunge and despite it being freezing, she stated on her Instagram that she felt incredible afterwards.

Sarah Elphick, head of marketing, says, “It was a great experience to be featured on This Morning and showcase Chill Tubs. The ITV team looked after us really well. Matthew was a great sport getting in the Chill Tub live on TV.”

In recent years, ice baths have become increasingly popular as a way to promote recovery and reduce muscle soreness after intense physical activity. The latest ice tub brand in this growing market is Chill Tubs.

Made from aluminium, with a teak top and a black aluminium surround, the Chill Tub looks stylish and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  Its temperature settings go as low as 3 degrees and it holds 400 litters of water. It has a built-in patent pending ozonator for clear water plus an insulated cover to help reduce running costs. There is also no need to add ice to a Chill Tub as the chiller reduces the temperature of the water.

Rob Carlin, managing director at Superior Wellness, is also taking part in a 30-day study to assess the benefits of using a Chill Tub in his daily routine.

A Chill Tub can have many different benefits on the body including; reducing muscle soreness, improving recovery time, decreasing inflammation, improving circulation, and more.

TransformNow are working in partnership with Chill Tubs to assess what happens to your body after using the ice bath every day for 30 days prior to Rob’s daily workout. The results will be published after the study ends in July.

If you are interested in finding more about Chill Tubs or to find the nearest Chill Tubs retailer, visit To keep up with the latest news follow Chill Tubs on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

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