Natare Corporation Hires Scott Black

Natare Corporation is excited to announce that they have appointed Scott Black as their new business development director. Black brings over 30 years’ experience in submittal drafting, sales and marketing, and architectural within multiple markets including aquatics.

Black previously worked for Natare in the mid-1980s when it was part of Recreonics. His original role was a drafting supervisor before transitioning over to the national sales manager when Natare became a separate entity. During his tenure with Recreonics, he was responsible for overseeing drafting submittal drawings and fabrication drawings for all aquatic products including pool gutters, elevated pools, movable bulkheads and filtration systems. When he made the move with Natare, he oversaw the sales and business development of the company.

Black says he’s delighted to be returning to Natare. "It is like coming home. Twenty years of new design innovations and manufacturing capabilities have taken place that make the company even more impressive."

As business development director, Black will concentrate on project leads and opportunities in which the basis of design has not been determined. He will focus on the future and getting Natare Corporation Equipment and Systems specified. Black will work with architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, owners and developers, and introduce them to the features, benefits and advantages of Natare Corporation Equipment and Systems. He will also handle certain international opportunities when the need arises.

Troy Yoder, vice president of sales & marketing, calls Black “the real deal, the genuine article”. He goes on to say that “having someone like Scott who has the experience, knowledge and expertise to bring in new clients, partners and projects is huge. I’m excited to see what Scott can do.”

When he’s not in the office, Black enjoys spending time with his wife and three adult children. His drafting talent expands into his personal life with his impressive radio control model designs, a few of which have been published. He also makes laser cut kits for fellow hobbyists.

When discussing his return to Natare, Black describes the feeling he gets when a new aquatic project is completed. “Although I’ve worked on many architectural projects and newly constructed facilities while away, there is nothing as satisfying still as seeing smiles and hearing laughter when a newly completed aquatic project opens.”

Welcome back to Natare, Scott!

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