Jimmie Meece Promoted to Senior Vice President of ASP Franchising

Jimmie Meece is promoted to senior vice president of ASP Franchising.Jimmie Meece is promoted to senior vice president of ASP Franchising.ASP Franchising, the corporate headquarters of the America’s Swimming Pool Company family of franchises, is proud to announce the promotion of Jimmie Meece to senior vice president. In this role, Meece will oversee the day-to-day operations of the franchising system. He will work closely with the company’s c-level executives to ensure values, policies, processes and systems are implemented and followed. Meece will also work closely with the company’s operational support team to ensure franchise owners have the resources needed to execute the ASP business model.

Meece joined the ASP corporate office in 2010 but was also among one of the first local franchise owners in the ASP system. In 2005, he opened the first ASP franchise location in Clemson, S.C., with his wife, Meghan. Since then, Meece has seen significant growth within the franchise organization. When he launched the first ASP franchise, there were limited resources available, but Meece had a belief in the business and desire to be successful.

“At the time I opened the first ASP franchise, there was very little training, no operations manual, websites, vehicle wraps, social media, branding or PoolOps technology,” says Meece. “A few of my family and friends thought this was foolish, but I used fear of the unknown as a powerful motivator to work hard and build a business that would support my growing family.”

Making that terrifying leap would become one of the best decisions Meece would ever make. This decision led to taking a corporate position at ASP Franchising and relocating with his wife and three children to Macon, Ga.

Since Meece began his role as vice president of Franchise Operations in December 2010, he has seen the significant growth of franchise locations and its internal support structure. In 2010, ASP had 51 franchise locations across the southeast region, and today, ASP has over 265 franchise locations across the U.S. There are 15 people currently employed at the franchise’s corporate office in Macon, Ga., and each person offers the ongoing training and support needed for franchise owners to run a successful ASP business.

“The best part about working at ASP are the people, both at corporate and the franchise owners,” says Meece. “Our culture is very family oriented, and I enjoy what I do every day because there is a purpose.”

In addition to his work at ASP Franchising, Meece is a member of Ingleside Baptist Church and is actively involved in helping with the middle school ministry. He also serves on the board of directors for his neighborhood homeowners association. Jimmie Meece is married to Meghan Meece, the director of web and communications for ASP Franchising, and they have three children, Jacob, Katelyn and Taylor.

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