SilkBalance wins Best Green Product at the 2018 PSP Expo

Silk Balance Gems Best Green Product2018 Vegas

SilkBalance, a patented hot tub water conditioner, was named Best Green Product at the 2018 PSP Expo.

“It’s nice to be recognized after working so hard to bring simple water care to hot tub owners,” says SilkBalance Director of Operations Joe Dolnik.

To celebrate 10 years in business, SilkBalance launched a dissoluble gem format of its same formula for hot tub owners. The company invested years of research and development, combined with feedback from its key dealers, to convert the all-natural liquid formula into granula, pre-measured gems that dissolve in less than 20 seconds.

Users simply place one SilkBalance Gem into the filter compartment or jet stream weekly and the result is spa water that softens, balances and protects. SilkBalance Gems, like the SilkBalance liquid, balance the pH and alkalinity, leave skin feeling silky soft and protect the spa components – all while neutralizing harsh odors often associated with sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine.

“We want every hot tub owner to enjoy their spas for all the health and wellness benefits they bought them for,” says Dolnik. “The whole formula is designed to make water care as simple as possible without adding a plethora of unnecessary or harsh chemicals. One SilkBalance gem weekly is all you need.”

SilkBalance Gems contain nothing harsh or corrosive, which goes hand-in-hand with winning the “Green” product award. SilkBalance Gems are available in its signature orange water drop bottle. With 16 gems inside, they last four months – the same as its original, 76-ounce bottle.

SilkBalance Gems complement the family of SilkBalance products, which will continue to offer its water conditioner in easy-pour liquid. The company also manufacturers a plumbing line cleaner called Clean Start and Shock Gems, which are non-chlorine shock oxidizing packets that also dissolve just like its SilkBalance Gems.

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