Winning the Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy, What It Meant

Cory Eagles, 2016 Pleatco Perfect Pool GuyCory Eagles, 2016 Pleatco Perfect Pool GuyThe following content is supported by one of our advertising partners. To learn more about sponsored content, click here.

When we last looked in on Cory Eagles, winner of the 2016 Perfect Pool Guy award, he was helping Rosco, a local Newfoundland puppy, fight a degenerative hip problem with a hydrotherapy pool of his own design (and providing exemplary pool and spa service to his enthusiastic customers).

It’s been over three years, and during that time, Eagles’ business has grown by 30%, along with his profile in the pool and spa community, due to the recognition that comes from winning an international award of service.

When pressed, Eagles struggles to quantify what the award meant for his business.

“Honestly, so many things changed, almost overnight. When I was notified that I’d won, I had no idea of the impact it would have on my service company. I thought it was nice, and I was excited about the upcoming ceremony and the Genesis training and the prizes, but that was just the beginning.”

Eagles lives in New Brunswick, a somewhat remote maritime province east of Maine, across the strait from Prince Edward Island. In the small community he calls home, word of an honor such as the Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy Award has outsized impact.

“The main thing about being selected in the Pleatco search is the way your customers and potential customers see you,” he says. “I don’t really have to sell myself, as the honor carries prestige with it.”

“This has translated into more customers, and I’ve had an easier time working with existing customers. By that I mean, all customers are prone to question your work from time to time. The award has translated into fewer questions about the recommendations I make for fixing or upgrading equipment.”

Rosco in his recovery days.Rosco in his recovery days.Eagles’ customers have not been shy about expressing their faith in his work.

“Words can't describe how Cory Eagles goes above and beyond for his clients,” says Cory Bembridge of Moncton, New Brunswick. “He deserves the accolades of his peers and clients alike. He constantly goes the extra mile for anyone that crosses his path. I'm proud to say that not only is he the best pool guy and most deserving of this prestigious award, he's also a friend.”

Another boost to Eagles’ business has come through the free training he received as the Pleatco honoree.

“The Genesis training I got as part of the award, as everyone knows, is the highest level training in the industry, and it changed the way I approach a lot of practical pool equipment problems. I look at a dead pump differently than I did before, having seen the way top experts approach the problem.”

According to Eagles, it’s not too much to say that winning the award changed his work life and put his business on a new trajectory, which is why he’s stayed involved with the PPPG community, and why he’s particularly excited about this year’s contest.

“I know some of the people who are entering this year, and I have to say, they’ve got great credentials. And this year, the contest is going to be a lot different and more exciting.

“In the past, the winners were notified in advance, which was great, but this year no one will know who is going to win until it is announced at the awards event in November. That’s going to be a tense moment for a lot of people. It will be carried out live, so anyone can tune in and watch them reveal each winner — which is exactly what I will be doing!”

Any advice for this year’s candidates?

“I would just say that it’s more than worth any effort you put into the application. It’s definitely paid off about a hundredfold in my case.”

Enter the 2020 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy/Gal Search by clicking here.

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