New Products July 2019

Rrr 719 Aq Hayward Tile

With pool season in full swing, what new products does this month bring? From automatic pool covers to pressure cleaners, take a look at what's new below.



Rrr 719 Aq Hayward Sm

The Hayward TriVac 700 pressure cleaner provides clean on a new level. It's the only pool cleaner that can skim debris from the surface of the water and thoroughly vacuum the pool floor, walls and coves, the company says. TriVac 700 is equipped with Hayward's patented jet-propelled AquaDrive technology and protective wheels for a faster, gentler and more efficient clean. The 40% wider suction inlet and 25% larger debris bag make the TriVac 700 the perfect pool cleaning solution. | (908) 351-5400



Yyy 719 Aq Pentair Sm

The Prowler 920 robotic inground pool cleaner makes cleaning fast, easy and convenient. It operates independently from the pool's filtration system with a powerful, all-surface and high-speed scrubbing brush that doesn't require a booster pump, making it cost-effective and eco-friendly. A dual-level filtration system captures large and ultra-fine debris with a top-access basket for easy emptying. It comes with a robust caddy for easy transport and storage. For smartphone control, try the Prowler 930. | (800) 831-7133



Ttt 719 Aq Jobber Sm

Jobber's pool service software helps thousands of pool services improve and grow their business. Voted No. 1 most user-friendly software in 2019, Jobber lets you schedule and organize your crews, track detailed client information such as pool dimensions, chemicals, parts and services, collect payments from anywhere and optimize your routes, among many more additional features. | (888) 721-1115



Uuu 719 Aq Latham Pool Products Sm

Latham Pool Products
Latham Pool Products has partnered with The Realizers, a company specializing in visualization and augmented reality experiences, to launch two digital tools to help its customers research pool options. The Latham Liner Visualizer is designed to help pool owners select a replacement liner (users can select from three different styles of homes as well as three popular swimming pool designs and apply the pattern of their choice) while the Pool Visualizer App is an iOS app that allows users to see a Latham pool right in their backyard. The app will feature eight of Latham's most popular pool models and will initially be available on Apple iOS. | (800) 833-3800



4 A 719 Aq Rb Pooland Spa Sm

RB Pool & Spa
With stiff competition from online retailers, brick-and-mortar pool and spa stores must compete on service and the total shopping experience. Delivering an exceptional experience can be challenging. Insufficient checkout resources at peak times lead to long lines, frustrated customers and lost sales. RB Mobile Live Retail provides better and faster service to your customers with the retail Line Buster feature, mobile inventory look-ups and instant access to customer history and profiles. Using a POS system designed specifically for pool and spa retailers, you can use a tablet, integrated magnetic strip reader and pocket barcode scanner to complete sales transactions, process credit cards and email receipts. Call to schedule an online demo. | (866) 933-9099



Ggg 719 Aq Bobe Waterand Fire Features Sm

Bobé Water & Fire
A Brand of CMP

Bobé artisans manipulate fire, water and metal to create high-end designs utilizing higher quality materials. The Builder Series combines water and fire into a single bowl. Bowls are available in round or square, copper and stainless, and 20- to 48-inch diameters. Proprietary Perfect Flame burners enhance the flame on these stunning features. Bobé bowls create the tallest, thickest flame on the market for a more pleasing, natural look, the company says. Perfect Flame burners are completely resistant to water and have a lifetime warranty. With the new Bobé stocking program, the company's most popular scuppers, fire features and bowls are ready to ship in 48 hours. | (888) 388-2623



Ddd 719 Aq All Safe Pool Fenceand Cover Sm

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers
Founded in 1992, All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers has been providing quality pool fences and covers for over 25 years. This family-owned-and-operated company seeks to reduce the risk of drowning by helping homeowners choose the best product for their needs. With a variety of swimming pool fences, safety nets and covers, All-Safe will help customers find the most effective, affordable, attractive and convenient option. A child's safety depends on your choice, and they want to help you make the best decision. | (800) 786-8110



Ppp 719 Aq Ep Minerals Sm

EP Minerals
Create a clear and clean pool with CelaPool. CelaPool is the pool's pro choice for diatomaceous earth pool filter powder, the company says. It is the first low-dust D.E. pool filter powder, which means it's easy to use — with less mess and waste. It comes in a thermally sealed bag for cleaner handling and storage. And now, CelaPool comes in a handy 6-pound bag for a "one shot" filtration application. CelaPool blends immediately into the water and doesn't float on top. | (775) 824-7600



Kkk 719 Aq Cceipoolusa Sm

CCEI Pool USA is pleased to offer a new Pool Light 12-13-14V-AC Safety AC Transformer that is designed specifically to power pool and spa lights. The transformer allows the direct connection to underwater lights and, in order to guarantee a safe installation, has two compartments to keep the primary and secondary light connections independent. The transformer is equipped with an on/off switch to facilitate turning on the lights and offers a re-settable circuit breaker to protect the transformer and lights in case of overload. The transformer uses quick connectors for easy electrical installation, is available in 75W or 150W, is UL listed and comes with a two-year warranty. | (213) 425-5280



Fff 719 Aq Automatic Pool Covers Sm

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers offers a unique, adjustable flush lid riser that allows the aluminum lid over the cover to be the exact height of any deck material and allows the automatic cover's flush lid to lay level with stone and paver pool decks. The AFLR was created for under-track application and can be used with a concrete or wood mechanism housing. The kit comes with heavy-duty brackets to provide excellent support and engineered turnbuckle spacers to assure proper width placement. This technology ensures automatic covers fit seamlessly on any pool deck when purchased as a new system. | (800) 878-5789



Jjj 719 Aq Caribbean Blue Sm

Caribbean Blue
Caribbean Blue's Micro Clean is a microfloc clarifier that aids in the filtration of the tiniest particles to provide sparkling pool water. Micro Clean is formulated to surround and coagulate microscopic particles as small as two microns, allowing filter media to better remove them from water. It removes both organic and inorganic matter through filtration. This non-metallic, non-staining and non-foaming product provides a unique clarifying formula that is not affected by shock treatments or high chlorine levels. Compatible with all sanitizing systems, pool surfaces and filter types. Maintains sparkling pool water throughout the season. Made in the U.S. | (800) 333-0400



Www 719 Aq Outdoor Great Room Company Sm

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company
The Outdoor GreatRoom Company was the first to enter into the gas fire pit category and with that expertise, the company manufactures unique, upscale gas fire pit tables and Crystal Fire Burners, along with pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, patio furniture, custom products and commercial-grade contract products. The company says it sets the trends outside as your one-stop-shop for safe products, reliable service and innovative technology. From concept to design to delivery, it brings home outside with distinctive products perfect for any poolside or outdoor space. | (866) 303-4028



4 B 719 Aq Water Odyssey Sm

Water Odyssey
Water Odyssey's Water Coils foster inclusive water play and access. This inviting play component creates screens of water that provide a sensory-rich water experience for users of all abilities. Four helical coils are standard. Order as many, or few, as desired. Coils are coated with Aqua Armor — the most durable chlorine-, UV- and vandal-resistant coating in the industry, the company says. Low profile rounded flanges are easy on the feet and reduce toe-stubbing. ADA and ASTM compliant. | (512) 392-1155



Xxx 719 Aq Oxi Clean Sm

OxiClean Pool & Spa
OxiClean Spa Weekly Clean provides a highly concentrated blend of naturally based enzymes and phosphate remover that reduces unwanted, non-living organic contaminants such as body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions, hair products and more. OxiClean Spa Weekly Clean is designed to reduce scum lines and provide crystal clear, sparkling water with less work. The product also lengthens filter run time as it works as a continuous cartridge filter cleaner. A 32-ounce bottle provides treatment for up to eight weeks in an average-sized hot tub. | (800) 753-1233



Lll 719 Aq Control O Matic Sm

ControlOMatic's new and improved MEGAChlor-CD has upgraded its MegaChlor device with a patent-pending chlorine detection control method. This simple pool chlorine generator supplies continuous, around-the-clock chlorine generation without separate buttons, control boxes or timers — it's all built into the device. No plumbing or electrical contracting work is required for installation. Offers continuous chlorination for pools, spas and swim spas up to 17,000 gallons of water. Perfect for after-market installation. | (530) 205-4520



Mmm 719 Aq Crescent Sm

A Brand of Apex Tool Group

Safety is measured in seconds. And when seconds make the difference between staying safe in the event of a fire, the new Crescent JOBOX Safety Cabinets are built to give the time you need. Flammable and combustible liquids can be dangerous to property and personnel, so it's important to have equipment that mitigates those risks. These new cabinets come with a wide range of safety features and are UL certified, far outperforming the industry standards for burn testing. Some safety features include an EZ level bolster that makes leveling simple and safe, Hi-Viz safety information labels and more. The cabinets come in five sizes and three colors for specific contents. | (800) 621-8814



Vvv 719 Aq Little Giant Sm

Little Giant
A Brand of Franklin Electric

The Little Giant APCP-1700 pool cover pump is designed and certified specifically to be used on pool covers. The pump's unique design gives added stability while its weight is ideal for attracting water. A side discharge allows for optimal water removal and provides less risk of kinks in your hose. The built-in handle makes it easier to carry and place on the cover, and the integrated float switch automatically activates in approximately 2 inches of water. The APCP-1700 can move up to 1,700 gallons per hour and comes with an adapter that fits all standard garden houses. | (800) 701-7894



Zzz 719 Aq Ramuc Sm

RAMUC Specialty Pool Coatings
The new and improved DS Water-Based Acrylic pool paint was created for pool professionals who need to paint pools fast, keeping down-time to a minimum. Paint can be applied to damp surfaces as well as previously painted, chlorinated and synthetic rubber surfaces. Pools can be filled within three days after final paint application. The paint's specially formulated water-based acrylic is extremely color-fast and UV resistant. It has a self-priming, matte finish and no solvent vapors. Cleans with soap and water with a service life of up to two years. | (800) 745-6756



Iii 719 Aq Cal Flame Sm

Cal Flame
Cal Flame announces the Modular Luxury Outdoor Kitchen, an outdoor kitchen with a versatile and functional "Lego" concept. The Modular Luxury Outdoor Kitchen has a total of seven components to complete the full set. Purchase each MOD separately and effortlessly place them together according to the user's preference. Each MOD comes equipped with exclusive features including an interlocking modular system, leveling caster, air vents, granite countertops and more. | (800) 225-7727



Eee 719 Aq Aqua Creek Products Sm

Aqua Creek Products
Aqua Creek introduces the newest additions to its lineup of pool lifts, the Mighty 400 and the Mighty 600. The Mighty series is ADA compliant and UL Certified to meet pool lift standard 60335-2-1000. The Mightys feature an adjustable height seat pole allowing 6 inches of additional adjustment in 2-inch increments. These lifts provide versatility and accessibility solution with greater water drafts and a setback up to 44 inches. Designed for inground anchoring, the Mighty series will accommodate existing, standard Scout 2 and Revolution concrete anchors. Created for its adaptability, they can be purchased with a pedestal for additional wall clearance and unusual gutter profiles. Pedestals come in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-inch options. | (888) 687-3552



Qqq 719 Aq Frank Wall Enterprises Sm

Frank Wall Enterprises
Frank Wall Enterprises is pleased to offer new Liner-Sure, an innovative pool liner bead lock designed with a unique profile to ensure pool liners will not fall out of the track. Unlike industry-standard bead lock, Frank's Liner-Sure was created by and for pool professionals that install pool liners, so it's easy to install on pool corners and in areas where pool liners are prone to slip out of the coping track due to stress. This product can be easily cut to any desired length and provides a nice trimmed look at the liner bead and a tight fitting pool liner. It blends seamlessly into the swimming pool liner and looks like a nice piece of decorative trim below the coping. Available in white, blue, black or gray to match any vinyl pool liner pattern. | (800) 488-9146



Nnn 719 Aq Eden Crete Sm

EdenCrete is a liquid admixture enriched with carbon nanotubes and capable of improving concrete durability, ductility and strength. In traditional ready-mix, EdenCrete improves the rheology of the paste to allow for easier placement and finishing. In shotcrete applications, the modified rheology allows pump pressures to be reduced by as much as 33% (or 1400 psi), which reduces rebound, dust and fuel on the job. EdenCrete has been shown to improve the compressive, split-tensile and flexural strength of concrete, as well as its resistance to cracking, abrasive wear and shrinkage. | (303) 468-1705



Hhh 719 Aq Bullfrog Spas Sm

Bullfrog Spas
Bullfrog Spas now offers an all-new, web-based product configurator called Design Studio. This digital application replaces Bullfrog's SpaDesign product configurator. Design Studio is a modern product configuration experience offering several features including live 3-D spa models that the site user can rotate a full 360 degrees to view from any angle and an instant MSRP quote on the customer-configured spa. Optimized for mobile viewing, it offers a smooth simple user interface while allowing the user to update the spa model, interior and exterior finishes. Additionally, users select and interchange their favorite JetPak jetted spa seats to create a personalized spa that is unique to them. | (801) 565-8111



Sss 719 Aq Jacuzzi Sm

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
Jacuzzi announces exciting changes to its signature J-400 Collection. The new ProFinish cabinet design showcases an option exterior light inspired by architectural lighting installations. The white light can be bright to draw attention to the hot tub or dim to provide a soft accent. The dual-purpose diverter knobs function as cup holders while also changing color. New adjustable pillows add elevated relaxation for people of varying heights. A wider-sheet waterfall showcases enhanced illumination and adds a soft tissue experience across the shoulders as well as a lower back massage thanks to the signature high-back design. | (866) 234-7727


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