VIDEO: Choreographed Musical Fountain

Photo of a fountain at the Casino Del Sol Resort. Photo and video (below) by/courtesy of Scott Palamar.
Photo of a fountain at the Casino Del Sol Resort. Photo and video (below) by/courtesy of Scott Palamar.

The Casino Del Sol Resort pool installation is a fine example of a ‘Backyard Bellagio’ that is within the reach of premier clients, and straightforward to implement...even as a retrofit.

Simply stated, this water feature is a swimming pool enhanced with flanking rows of arching jets.  The idea was to have a day-use pool that converts into a colorful choreographed musical fountain on a nightly schedule (or at the flick of a switch).

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Fountain4 BigIn this case, nine Crystal Fountains ‘Leaper’ jets were installed in planters on each long side of the pool so as to create arches spanning its width. Each side is powered by a single Pentair variable speed pump, which piggybacks on the pool’s sanitation system. Each leaper has a built-in RGB lamp, and a shutter-style valve for clean, quick on-off action.

Between pump speed control and the shutters, many fascinating arching shapes and undulating forms are made possible, whether in time to music or on their own. H2Oarts supplied the enabling control system and programming.

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Although Casino Del Sol was built from scratch this way, arching jets can be retrofitted to any pool in a minimally intrusive manner, perfect for the upscale pool owner who is primed for their own backyard Bellagio upgrade. 

Click here to see the project in action.

Casino Del Sol is a resort in Tucson, Ariz. 

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