Green And Chlorine

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Scott WebbThis is a fun job — you never know how people will react to what you’re putting out, and that makes it interesting.

On the cover of the January issue of AQUA, we put a picture of a biologically sanitized pool, with the tagline, "(Bio)Logical Filtration."

The image was worth a thousand words. It spoke of an emerging technology that seeks to provide clean water for swimming without ANY chlorine, mainly through natural means.

Reactions were unusually strong.

A good size sample of the response was, "What the hell? A swamp on the cover?"

An even bigger sampling said, "Wow. That’s cool! Tell me more!"

It brought into relief the classic controversy over chlorine.

When a certain segment of the pool industry thinks of chlorine, it thinks, "Good old chlorine, tried and true. Others may try their alternatives, but they always need some of the most dependable and effective sanitizer in pool history."

At the same time, another segment is thinking, "When will we finally get rid of chlorine? The stuff is deadly to life, for Pete’s sake! It was used in WWI gas attacks. We just dilute it in pools so it doesn’t kill too much. It just kills a little."

The first group looked at that image and said, "Who would swim in a green pool?"

The second group said, "I’d gladly swim in pool with a verdant tinge to be free of chlorine."

Scott Webb

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