October 2014 New and Updated Spa and Pool Products

Aqua Art Aqua Artwww.aquaartmosaics.com(305) 558-3118

Based in Miami, Aqua Art is the next generation of high-performance glass tile for residential and commercial pools, fountains and other water features, the company says. Tiles are available in an extensive color palette well beyond the typical blue color scheme, and tiles can also be custom-crafted by a team of in-house design professionals to perfectly meet your customer’s needs.

ControlOMaticControlOMaticwww.controlomatic.com(530) 205-4520

ControlOMatic now offers the MiniChlor, an economical spa salt water system that generates continuous, around-the-clock spa sanitation without moving parts, separate buttons, control boxes or timers — everything is built into the device. The MiniChlor removes the risk of running out of sanitizer by making chlorine or bromine on three-hour cycles, which significantly reduces spa maintenance while also reducing skin/eye irritation and chemical odor, the company says. The MiniChlor makes about 16 grams per day for spas up to 450 gallons and includes six power levels, self-cleaning function, plug-and-play installation and salt level indication.

Cal SpasCal Spaswww.calspas.com(800) CAL-SPAS

The new Gen-II Collection from Cal Spas offers the luxury of a full hydrotherapy massage in the privacy of your customer’s backyard. Designed with the consumer in mind, this line offers an acrylic spa option priced to compete with rotomold spas without losing style or popular features such as Cal Spas’ exclusive stainless steel Candy Cane Jets, Shell-Loc Foam with Thermo-Layer Blanket and the convenient plug and play kit. From a three-person triangular corner hot tub to a six-person lounger, the Gen-II collection is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any patio, deck or backyard.

PentairPentairwww.pentairpool.com(800) 831-7133

Pentair has added a smaller model to the MasterTemp heater family: the MasterTemp 125, designed for bodies of water up to 15,000 gallons. MasterTemp heaters are rated up to 84 percent thermal efficiency. Their pre-mixed combustion technology provides ultra-fast heat-up. And their information-rich, rotating digital display makes operation and adjustments remarkably easy. Certified for low NOx emissions, MasterTemp heaters are compact and lightweight. In addition, MasterTemp heaters have earned Pentair’s Eco Select brand distinction, meaning they are among the company’s “greenest” and most efficient product offerings.

Asia ConnectionAsia Connectionwww.asiaconnectllc.com(434) 738-3980

Asia Connection’s retailer-designed packaging for parts adds a visual plus to your store shelves and allows parts to sell themselves. Clear containers offer high visibility for your customer and sealed lids provide anti-theft deterrent. Whether it be easy-to-hang clam packs or heavy card stock backing, all packaging features OEM numbers and easy-to-read labels.

Aqua Creek ProductsAqua Creek Productswww.aquacreek.com(888) 687-3552

Go green with Aqua Creek’s new Solar Charging Station. The Solar Charger extends the life of your battery and eliminates the need to remove the battery for charging. The Solar Charger is easily installed using the pool lift’s existing bolts. Saves labor, saves energy, and extends your battery’s life.

SensorexSensorexwww.smartaquameter.com(714) 895-4344

The SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter from Sensorex replaces cumbersome test kits with the convenience of handheld smart devices that easily measure and record pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature values in residential or commercial pools and spas, the company says. The Smart Aqua Meter is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and simply plugs into the headphone jack. The SAM-1 app, available as a free download, records time, date and GPS location along with water readings; the service professional can also add additional comments and share readings instantly via email or export them to a spreadsheet for analysis and record retention.

Jack’s MagicJack’s Magicwww.jacksmagic.com(800) 348-1656

Natural Multi-Enzyme Super Pacs are the only enzyme product that treats up to 20,000 gallons of pool or spa water for two weeks, the company says. This blend of powerful biodegradable natural enzymes breaks down oils, lotions, makeup and other common organic pool and spa contaminants, preventing scum buildup and cloudy water. Super Pacs are easy to use, just drop the 1 oz. water-soluble pouch in the skimmer with the pump running, and the pool or spa is protected for two weeks. Unlike liquid enzymes, Super Pacs are highly chlorine-tolerant (up to 50 ppm of chlorine with no loss of performance). Available in retail, service and commercial sizes.

Inter-FabInter-Fabwww.inter-fab.com(800) 737-5386

Inter-Fab is offering the Zoomerang slide, which features a unique flume design that turns and flips the rider for a thrilling ride. The slide comes with the patented Zoom Flume water delivery system that provides a current of rushing water down the slide to make swimmers feel like they’re at a waterpark. While small in stature at 3 feet high, the Zommerang is packed full of fun, the company says — and its compact size means it fits on almost any inground pool. Visit the website to see an installation video and a gallery of photos.

Swim Spas PlusSwim Spas Pluswww.swimspasplus.com(800) 995-9144

Swim Spas Plus is excited to announce the Jog Spa, the only jog-in-place spa in the U.S. Two river jets, powered by two 5 hp pumps, create the current for users to jog against. If the user would rather relax, he can enjoy the spa’s 50 jets, strategically placed in three locations for maximum therapy benefits. The spa comes with a steel frame, cover and steps. Features include top-side control, 11 kw heater, LED lights and fountains.

Floatek InnovationsFloatek Innovationswww.floatekpoolcover.com604-725-4535

Floatek is a 2005 U.S. pioneer-patent-awarded swimming pool cover that simultaneously prevents heat loss from the water surface while also working as a safety cover. The cover is comprised of a series of tiles that are assembled to cover any size pool. Because the cover acts as an insulator, energy and operating costs are reduced by up to 80 percent, which quickens the user’s return on investment and helps meet environmental targets.

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