Creative Roadshow Stops At PSP, Rolls On

Scott Webb Headshot

photo of moving van at PSP showAttendees at the recent PSP show in New Orleans were met with the interesting sight of what appeared to be a moving van outfitted for comfort and mobile display of robotic pool cleaners.

It is, in fact, Aquabot’s Mobile Roadshow Vehicle, the self-propelled flagship of its national tour of dealerships and distributors. In September, the Cedar Grove, N.J. manufacturer embarked on a year-long, multi-phase, national tour, the new Aquabot Roadshow vehicle serving as a portable venue for presenting new products, educational programs and providing informative and entertaining experiences to retail consumers.

After tens of thousands of miles, and countless events, the creative mobile marketing medium rolled into the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans and came to a temporary stop at the Aquabot booth, before hitting the road again after the show to continue its sojourn.

The Aquabot Roadshow vehicle includes a 24-foot truck and an attached 18-foot trailer. Both provide engaging environments, with audio and visual capabilities throughout and both feature a fully furnished business meeting space for training and product presentations — this area showcases a small pool with clear glass walls and a simulated backyard landscape. 

“The roadshow allows us to bring our products, programs and messages directly to our business partners and customers with the greatest impact and consistency. We want each person that engages with Aquabot to understand our product advantages while providing them with a memorable experience that connects them to our brand,” said John Gitelman, vice president of marketing for Aquabot.

In late 2012 and during the 2013 pool season, the Roadshow vehicle will be mobilized for training field service center technicians and participation in consumer events at dealer locations. 

The vehicle is also meant to highlight a rebranding effort, which began last year. Since the company’s acquisition by Fluidra in 2011, it has introduced a new leadership team and has begun to revamp dealer and customer programs. This innovative mobile campaign is part of an effort to increase awareness of the change.

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