April 2011 AQUA Choice Winner: Tuscan Style Pool

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0411 ChoiceRoman Glory - They were originally asked to build a simple Tuscan-style water feature — but like the Roman empire, once they got started, expansion was inevitable.

The crew at Poolscape, a premium pool builder in Ontario, Canada, ended up with 75 feet of waterscape on seven levels with multiple sheer water features, arranged with all the grandeur of a Roman emperor's villa.

And why not? In two millennia, the materials haven't changed. Poolscape used cast-concrete construction combined with beautiful tile mosaics just like the Romans did. However, this pool has a Jandy in-floor cleaning system and LED lights, variable-drive pumps and cartridge filters. Hadrian's engineers? No.

Running up the score, Poolscape president Barry Justus adds, "We also built a stand-up hot spa fully tiled with granite and glass tile."

The entire project was completed in-house. Poolscape was on-site for 10 weeks, during which time it also finished some steps and stonework at the front of the home.

The water quality is suitable for swimming, and there are granite steps to the upper level water feature (4 feet of water), to allow people to use it as a small plunge pool.

"A large amount of attention was paid to the nighttime look of the project," Justus says. "We had six Jandy LED lights in the water feature, along with CAST outdoor lighting for the balance of the project, and the fire and water features look awesome in the evening. We opted to operate the fire effects off of a failsafe remote — not tied into the Jandy system — to eliminate any potential button pushing by people not familiar with the system.

"The homeowners entertain regularly with up to 200 guests on site. A large area was left level in the sod behind the water feature to accommodate a large portable party tent for social events."

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Poolscape Inc.

Burlington, Ontario Website: www.poolscapeinc.com Category: Concrete pool or pool/spa combo

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