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Take a closer look at the architecture of this stunning Spanish casino and you'll spot a daring cantilevered pool — the longest in Europe, according to its builders.

The Odiseo Gastronomical and Leisure Center in Murcia features a nightclub, restaurants, performance hall and casino, but these delights are outshined by the swimming pool teetering atop an "elevated forest." At over 136 feet long, each end of the pool has nearly 66 feet of cantilever, offering swimmers excellent city views in exchange for an adrenaline rush.

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The structure, designed by Clavel Arquitectos, was constructed in large part by local talent and workers. Studio founder Manuel Clavel Rojo says this was based on a spirit of economic responsibility: Murcia was heavily impacted by the financial crisis, and he hopes the building can bring some excitement to the city.

"Cities like this have had great architecture since Roman times. The question is, what is the architecture we are building for the next generations?" says Rojo. "Not every building, but specifically some public architecture, has the responsibility of being meaningful and fulfilling the human need for monumentality."

Amazingly, the cantilevered pool was not a part of the original design, as construction had already begun when the client decided to add it on. Since the structure hadn't been designed to support the weight of the pool, new plans were drawn up to reinforce rigid existing elements.

"Once it was clear that it was going to be a very extreme structure, we just pushed it a little further, to the limit," says Rojo.

Following the tradition of a builder being the one to test his creation, Rojo dove in for Odiseo's premiere swim.

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