Aquatic Industry Influences Art

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All photos courtesy Mary Vail

Waterfront23In a remote area south of Las Vegas, hugging the California and Nevada state line, Australian artist CJ Hendry presented her latest work — a full-scale, interactive art piece identified as “Public Pool.”

The white- and floral-themed installation presented a stark contrast to the open, barren brown hues of the desert surroundings. A 50-meter inflatable pool was laden with a multitude of logo imprinted, colorful floral floaties. Next to the pool, two dozen white- and floral-embellished umbrellas shaded twice as many white chaise lounges. And a large inflatable pool house with floral cut-out windows was positioned on the far end.



The limited, three-day engagement took place over April 5-7, 2024, in Sandy Valley and was free to the public. In harmony with public swimming facilities, guests were invited to indulge in the aquatic structure. The chilly water did not preclude youths and adults from climbing in, splashing around, or sitting on the colorful floats.

Exhibit goers also had the opportunity to purchase Public Pool themed memorabilia onsite. To learn more about the artist, visit:

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