Water Feature Has the WOW Factor at 2023 World Tile Showcase

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All photos courtesy WOW Design and Summumstudio

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WOW DESIGN, a European tile design company, stood out at the CERSAIE, an international ceramic tile exhibition in Italy, for their tile display that was both creative, functional and versatile.

The display space, which was developed by interior design studio Summumstudio, uses both a ceramic curtain and neon stand to draw the attention of guests. The curtain is made up of beige and earthy shades, is both straight and curvy, and filters light to give off a halo of mystery. In contrast, the stand is more informative and takes visitors on an introspective journey of ceramic tile discovery.

To secure the ceramic slats to the curtain, a sandwich system was developed by WOW Design. The slats are positioned in pairs, back to back, by an adhesive-free, vertically fastened system. This system creates an accordion effect, which generates a sense of movement and makes a visual impact on all those passing by.

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One feature that especially stands out is the transparent ceramic screen wall. Made with a fired clay version of ICON, a unique 3D tile, light filters through the back of it and illuminates the tiles on the floor.

A water feature, with a large column set in the middle of it, is used to showcase the studio's new tiles developed for swimming pools. The column is adorned with the name of the design studio in illuminated letters, highlighting the volumes, reliefs and subtle nuances of the tiles that encompass it. These new 11x11 aquatic tiles, in shades of Sukabumi, Aqua, Marble and Tropic, reflect like glass, giving the installation a distinctly modern look.

WOW Design says their production process "continually makes efforts to reduce energy consumption and harness all the heat generated in the production process. Additionally, we have self-sustaining energy plants on our premises. All water and sludge generated in the ceramic process are also utilized."

Winner of multiple design awards for their tile, WOW Design prides itself on the creation of a sustainable product built from long-lasting, minimal-maintenance ceramics. Ceramics have long been seen as a reusable and responsible form of building that can easily be recycled while still providing a durable and long-lasting product. The process of Ceramic tile creation  has been going on in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean for centuries.

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