"Levitating" in a Luxury Pool

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For some lucky Londonners, access to a breathtaking new "Sky Pool" is simply another apartment amenity.

Residents of the Embassy Gardens complex in Nine Elms can swim between rooftops, suspended 10 stories in mid-air. The Sky Pool stretches 82 feet in total, 26 of which are not for the faint of heart: an invisible pool shell is supported by a nearly invisible steel frame.

The unique design had both swimmers and street pedestrians in mind, offering stunning city views from above while keeping a clear view of the sky from below. To achieve this, the architects concealed filtration systems and entry steps at either end of the pool.

Beyond the water is the Sky Deck, a double terrace with a bar and restaurant. A parallel footbridge connects the rooftops for non-swimmers.

As one might imagine, constructing and transporting the pool was no small feat. After a rigorous hydrostatic testing process in Colorado, the pool was shipped to Texas before making the three-week journey across the ocean to the Netherlands. From there, the pool was transferred to London Gateway and across the River Thames before reaching its final destination at Embassy Gardens.

Hopeful swimmers will have to settle for the view from afar for now: The Sky Pool is only open to members of the Embassy Gardens' exclusive Eagle Club for residents and their guests.


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