Welcome to Dad's DIY Waterpark

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The lockdown in London got a little more adventurous with one man's daring pool project: a construction worker based in Bexley spent his downtime revamping a backyard pool into a makeshift waterpark.

Nick Smith, out of work due to the pandemic, built a 26-foot pool slide atop an existing treehouse with the help of his family. The materials cost just £300 ($370).

"I've got ADHD so, for me, staying in the house is a nightmare," Smith told LADBible. "I've been doing things with the kids, so we're staying busy and occupied."

He recruited his daughters — Isabella, seven, and Amelia, five — to help sand wood for the project. The daredevil setup is now the envy of their neighbors and has kept his family entertained day after day.

"The girls absolutely love it. They have not been bored once yet in this lockdown," says Smith. "[And] our neighbours have already said they can't wait to go on it after lockdown."

After the girls finished sanding down the wood, Smith and his brother-in-law Jack maneuvered the heavier pieces into place.

"I'm a massive kid-at-heart," says Smith. "I think I'm enjoying the slide as much as the girls."

No stranger to crafting DIY thrills, Smith previously built his own assault course, complete with a zipline. The pool slide is just another feature in his fun-fi lled backyard — and he's not finished yet.

"There's just enough space for a big seesaw, which is my next project," he says.


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