A Flowering Achievement

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All photos courtesy of Hamonic+Masson Associes
All photos courtesy of Hamonic+Masson Associes

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A new high-rise apartment building is being planned on the island nation of Cypress in the eastern Mediterranean. Located in the seaside resort city of Limassol and designed by French architecture firm Hamonic+Masson Associes, the Limassol Tower will celebrate the scenic surroundings through a truly daring design, and offer luxury living on high, literally.

The proposed 16-story structure will contain 19 ultra-lux apartments with views that go on forever, but it's the way the architects have forged the indoor/outdoor connection that is truly eye catching. Each apartment includes a corolla-shaped platform containing a swimming pool or greenery. The platforms, which are influenced by flower petals, connect the open architecture of the indoor spaces with the spectacular ocean vistas.

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In a prepared statement, the architects explain: "The project rises from nature, echoed by the corolla-shaped balconies found in each apartment. They are like independent islands but simultaneously have a direct link to the apartment. This creates a luxurious living experience where exterior meets interior. A sliding glass door is the only element separating the living areas from the balconies, meaning the feeling of being outside is possible simply by opening the window."

The daring geometry is echoed in the surrounding landscape in a "brise soleil" pattern, harmonizing with the living spaces above. "The corolla system is also found on the ground floor green landscape; round platforms and sunshades engender a distinctive architectural concept."

In addition to the daring floral-inspired design, the property contains a number of luxury amenities including an underground "fitness zone" that's illuminated by natural sunlight, a ground-floor art gallery and a wellness spa facility. The architecture and connections to the surrounding environment are introduced at the properties expansive grand entrance.

The project is still in the planning stage and there is no timeline for construction.

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