A Rooftop Pool at Notre Dame

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After a devastating fire left Notre Dame's roof and famed spire damaged, France's prime minister called for an international competition to redesign the historic landmark. While some architects proposed a greenhouse, parking lot or windmill, it was a Swedish architect firm's idea that caught our attention — a giant rooftop swimming pool.

Imagine swimming above the Seine, the Eiffel Tower catching your eye between each stroke, watched over by the 12 apostles (which escaped the fire after having been removed for restoration). It might sound a bit eccentric, but the architects make a strong argument.

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According to their release, the modern design would draw attention to the "publicness" of the cathedral, and the swimming pool would serve as "a new meditative space with unmatched views over Paris."

Of course, a debate runs between traditionalists who would prefer a faithful restoration and those who wish to push boundaries with avant-garde ideas like the rooftop oasis. Most recently, the French government called for the structure to be rebuilt in "its last known visual state" within five years, just in time for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Perhaps the decision is for the best, as the swimming pool would have fallen in a seasonal area, with Paris temperatures dipping below 40 degrees during the winter months. Though we're sure someone would have been willing to take on that daring winter cover. Anyone?

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