A Monumental Cover

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This immense pool cover by Meyco Pool Covers was completed by five people over five days. The cover was made in nine separate pieces, with each piece designed to overlap the adjoining pieces. A unique “bridging system” was developed to connect the covers so they would join in a precise manner and still carry the safety parameters that Meyco applies to all of its safety covers.

One of the biggest challenges was anticipating how the material would shrink and grow during the manufacturing process. Because the material needed to connect to itself, the team had to understand and account for the difference in how the material would behave when sewn together.

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Other design challenges included a 30-inch cave and areas with limited decking available for anchoring. To ensure a tight fit, Meyco used a “set back strap” technique in over 90 locations.

In the end, more than 40,000 square feet of Mocha MeycoLite material was used, including over 10,000 feet of webbing, more than 30,000 feet of thread and 2,000-plus feet of reinforcing strips. Meyco also used 120 pounds of brass anchors, 225 pounds of stainless steel springs and 400 snap hooks and o-rings to complete the largest winter pool cover in company history.

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