A Backyard Aboveground, Neat as a Pin

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The backyard aboveground has been around for a long time, but it's never been quite this … cute. And tidy. One might be tempted to say "tiny," because this pool comes from Tiny in a Box, the people who have become famous for delivering tiny homes. And they sell this pool as a "Tiny Pool," but in fact even the small size Tiny Pool is 20 feet long. The large size Tiny Pool is 40 feet long, which as backyard pools go is not tiny at all β€” especially backyard aboveground pools.

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But it's more than just a cute, tidy and misnomered pool, it's something of an engineering and architectural feat. For in this tidy package comes an insulated vinyl-liner pool, circulation system including sand filter, child safety door, deck, safety-rail, ladder, interior steps, tanning bench, all standard, and for a few dollars more, Jaccuzzi pump, LED lights, windows and custom colors.

The pump, filter and optional heater are located under the steps and deck, right up against the wall of the pool with a minimal run of pipe, which minimizes head loss. A shipping container forms the structure for the pool, which holds down costs and provides a sturdy shell in which to place the liner. They arrive pretty much ready to go, they just need a foundation and utility hookup. And if you decide to move, you can take it with you.

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