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When designing A high-end poolscape, you consider every little detail. Why not the skimmer lid, too? That's the question that led to the design of HIDE, a product developed by an Australian-based company called Skimmer Lids.

HIDE resolves a common design issue in the backyard: Simply put, the standard plastic skimmer lid just isn't attractive. And in high-end backyards that cost upwards of five figures, they are downright distracting. The HIDE kit fixes that by enabling builders to create their own skimmer lid with the materials of their choosing, resulting in a lid that seamlessly blends into the surrounding deck.

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This concept of creating a custom skimmer lid is not new; many builders create their own skimmer lids for a similar outcome. However, these covers often crack and chip the surrounding stone, leading to further repairs down the line. HIDE's kit includes a stainless-steel inlay lid, which is fitted with the desired materials, and an edge protector to ensure the lid does not damage the surrounding deck/coping.

Finally, the HIDE system is engineered with safety in mind. Unlike DIY lids, which commonly feature finger-holes that pose a hazard for children, the HIDE lids can only be removed with a special key — giving homeowners another reason to sit back, relax and enjoy the pool.

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