New Drone Art Series Captures Unique Backyard Spaces

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Photos by David BlankPhotos by David Blank

High-flying drones are as fun as they are useful. While hobbyists leisurely take their machines to the skies, industry professionals have adopted the technology as a helpful tool, utilizing their cameras to take aerial photos of pool designs and landscapes.

David Blank is not designing pools. He has, however, used his drone to capture beautifully crafted backyard spaces with engaging pool designs. Taken at 75 feet, the series of five portraits offers a birdlike glance into outdoor nirvanas that reflect both the personality and needs of their owners.

Debra and Richard Hovel, for example, relocated to Palm Springs after living in Minnesota. Their outdoor space (see upper left photo) emulates their love of entertaining. "We entertain friends and 'chosen family' weekly, as we strive to invite as many people into our home as possible," Debra Hovel tells "Palm Springs Life." "We feel it is a privilege to live in this very special place, and it makes us happy to share it."

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Designing their retirement oasis (see left, middle) was great fun for Mark Leonard and Ken Hamma, who worked with architect Lance O'Donnell. They were involved in every design decision from the angled edge of the pool to the sharp corners of the hot tub. "In the summer months, the pool and spa are in frequent use, either as a quick way to cool off or as a good place to nap," says Leonard.

Definitely the busiest photograph in the series is that of Kathryn and Kort Schnabel's retreat (see left, bottom). Lovers of sports and the outdoors, the large family needed a space to fit their hobbies, so they scooped up two adjacent lots. "The kids really use all of the property," Kort told "Palm Springs Life." "They typically end up off in the boulders, playing all sorts of creative games and finding various hiding spots, while the adults sit by the pool or relax in the living room."


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