This Airport Takes a Swimming Approach for its VIPs

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When you're going to the airport, you can always count on seeing a few things: a humdrum newsstand; bland, yet overpriced food and drinks; and stressed-out passengers.

Travelers passing through the Dominican Republic, however, can enjoy a far more luxurious experience: swimming on the airport's tarmac.

Punta Cana International Airport's new VIP area features an outdoor pool with an infinity edge, inviting swimmers to observe airplanes as they land, take off and taxi.

Of course, the roar of engines before catching a long flight isn't for everybody. The rest of the VIP lounge has been newly renovated and offers the same view as the pool in a quieter (albeit drier) setting. The lounge, including the swimming pool, opened in December.

As with other airports, the VIP Lounge is only available to first- and business-class passengers, club members and anyone willing to pay the $125-per-day fee for VIP services.

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