A Pool - From the Printer?

photo of a 3-D printer
Kushner will use a large scale 3-D printer like this one to create the estate. Photo: recordonline.com.

While people are still ogling their new iPhones and dreaming of the iWatch, there's another technology that's really making waves: 3-D printing. These "printers" manufacture objects through an additive process — by adding layer after layer of material, users can end up with a full-fledged 3-D object.

Creatives are taking to the technology by building just about everything you can imagine — anything from phone cases to jewelry, art and even weaponry have been printed off these machines. But architect Adam Kushner of Kushner Studios has bigger plans for the 3-D printer: He's building an entire house, including a swimming pool, via printer.

Kushner's project isn't the first home to be built with a 3-D printer, but it is the first swimming pool. The project, located in Gardiner, New York, is planned to be a 2,400 square foot home with four bedrooms, as well as an inground swimming pool and pool house.

According to 3DPrint.com, the project is expected to cost significantly less than traditional construction, since roughly 45 percent of normal construction costs are labor expenses.

As of now, the project is expected to begin in early 2015. Kushner estimates it will take two years to complete.

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