ENERGY STAR Offers Free Pump Savings Calculator

screenshot of ENERGY STAR savings calculator
chart of ENERGY STAR electric utility companies

Since the ENERGY STAR certification of pool pumps began in February 2013, more than 100 pool pump models have earned the ENERGY STAR designation.

ENERGY STAR has now created an online savings calculator to make it easy for pool professionals to show homeowners the benefits of an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump. The calculator, available at, allows a pool professional to estimate potential savings based on these inputs:


•Electric rate

•Months per year of pool operation

•Pool size, in gallons (which can be determined with the included pool size estimator)

•Size and operation of conventional pump

•ENERGY STAR pump being considered

If any of these inputs are not known, the calculator defaults to values vetted by industry experts. Pool pump professionals and other advanced users can see all of the calculations and adjust assumptions such as energy factor and flow rates. Pump costs and utility rebates can also be entered to determine the net savings and payback period for the ENERGY STAR pump.

As shown in the calculator results page in the image below, an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump can:

•Save approximately 74 percent of the pool pump energy use or $320 annually.

•Pay back in less than 1.7 years.

•Save more than $2,000 over the 10-year lifetime of the pool pump.

•Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants by two tons annually. 

In addition to these savings, many electric utility companies offer rebates to customers who buy ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps. These utility incentives range from $100 to $400. Please check the chart below or with your local utility to see what rebates apply in your area or if you can receive an incentive by choosing an ENERGY STAR pump and submitting a simple application form.

See lists of certified pool pumps and learn more at

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