Glass Bottom Pool

photo of glass bottom pool
Photos courtesy of Chicago Opera Theater
photo of glass bottom pool photo of glass bottom pool photo of glass bottom pool photo of glass bottom pool

While the use of acrylic panels in swimming pools has increased in popularity in recent years, this is the first example we’ve seen of windows mounted in the bottom of a residential pool.

This highly unusual rooftop vessel belongs to John “Johnny T” Talucci, principle and owner of Vision Pools – Master Builders, a design and construction firm located in Downingtown, Penn. Talucci, who prides himself on innovative design and construction, including the company’s own line of pre-fab, cast concrete all-tile gutter systems, decided that he and his wife would enjoy watching their two young children swim from the comfort of their living room, looking up through the ceiling.

The construction involved a concrete roof supported by a system of I-beams with the six 3-foot- square windows. The pool features an all-tile finish and stone cladding that matches the home’s architecture. Naturally, the windows not only provide a bottom-up view of the pool, they also function as skylights.

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