Genesis 3 Takes Education to Germany for Second Time

Riviera Pro Partners have, for the second year, partnered with Genesis 3 to offer IACE-approved education during its December 4 - 7 event in Nordhorn, Germany.
Genesis 3, one of the industry's most-respected experts in watershape design and construction, will provide three of their university level design schools, titled Design 211: Elements of Design, Design 311: Applied Materials & Finish Details, as well as the 8-hour drawing class Design 101: Introduction to Perspective Drawing and Design 301: Marker Rendering. Advanced students will have the opportunity to attend a four-hour program on vanishing edge details while both beginning students and advanced level attendees will round up their event with a 1.5 hour seminar on "The Beauty of The Edge."
“Riviera Pool and its partners strive for one goal, to build the best pools in Europe," says Guido Rengers, President of Riviera Pool. Since we got in contact with Genesis 3 we focus on having the happiest, most satisfied clients in Europe. Because now we do not only build a pool but we create an outdoor living space fascinating our clients. This gives us a unique position in the market. And as important, we reinvented our jobs. We have become a design team constantly producing new ideas and feeling real passion about what we do.“
“The Genesis 3 school showed me how to see the garden of a client from a designer´s point of view and thus to really understand my client's wishes," says Sergej Basenius, Sales Representative for Riviera Pool.
Genesis 3 partners Brian Van Bower and Skip Phillips will travel to Nordhorn with Michael Nantz, SWD and Kate Wiseman, APLD, to present state-of-the-art learning to our Germany counterparts.
“We continue to enjoy the interaction and sharing of information with our German counterparts. We greatly appreciate seeing our industry with a wider focus that these international programs afford us and we were quite moved in discovering that the feeling is mutual!” says Brian Van Bower, president and co-founder of Genesis 3.
Genesis 3 is an IACET-accredited educational and first-class training program promoting and enhancing quality through research, education and the development and continuous improvement of criteria, principles and standards for the pool and watershape industries.
For information about the Riviera Pool Design Seminar, visit the website or call (877) 513-5800.
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