SPEC-Supported Bills Signed Into Law

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California Governor Jerry Brown has signed two bills into law, SB 261 and SB 262, both representing successful lobbying efforts by SPEC over the last year. The bills, authored by Senator William Monning (D-Carmel), are intended to stanch abuses in California’s licensing system and empower the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to combat unlicensed contracting, misrepresentation and fraud.

SB 261 will permit the CSLB to crack down on contractors who misrepresent their own license status or help other companies to do so. The CSLB will have the power to track chronic offenders, cite or fine them, or even suspend or revoke their license, all without the aid of local law enforcement.

“We believe giving the CSLB authority to issue citations and keep a record of these bad-actors is a necessary step in combating the underground economy and helping law-abiding small businesses succeed,” SPEC said in a press release.

SB 262 provides CSLB with the authority to take strong action against qualifiers who have failed to exercise their duties. It would amend Business And Professions Code 7068.1 to authorize the misdemeanor prosecution of a qualifier who fails to directly supervise and control work as part of the requirements of the qualifier position. (A qualifier is the person who furnishes the knowledge and experience that is required for licensure and is the person responsible for assuring that construction work performed by the licensee complies with all relevant laws and building codes). 

“Consumers need to know that they can trust the contractor they hire to do the job properly,” SPEC said. “Consumers will be confident if they know a qualifier is ultimately responsible for job supervision, managing construction activities, making technical and administrative decisions, checking jobs for proper workmanship, and is directly supervising the work site.”

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