A Moat in Miami

photo of a home with a moat

It’s not often these days that a moat – that’s right, a bona fide moat – is part of a residential design scheme, but that was the case for this out-sized home. The work of renowned architect of The Sieger Suarez Group, this “dream castle” is surrounded by a large shimmering body of water in the style of a medieval moat and a host of features fit for a feudal lord.

The home and surrounding property are examples of stunning symmetrical design with the house and moat at the center of the nearly 14-acre property. Completed in 2007, the home spans 10,124 square feet, featuring a rich color palette, massive lighting fixtures and luxurious furnishings typical of a chateau, eight bathrooms and eight bedrooms.

The home is accessed via imposing black gates and a long, tree-lined drive. Once across the moat bridge, visitors are greeted by elegant grounds with multiple raised walkways that overlook fishponds fitted with elegant fountain features. As you approach the home, a diamond-shaped courtyard and finely manicured topiary frame three gray and white towers designed to invite you into the home and no doubt impress even those with the most high-flown taste for elegance and luxury.

Flanking each side of the main home are a pair of stepping-stone paths that lead to matching concrete gazebos surrounded by the moat’s water, while the rear of the home gives way to a spectacular garden oasis filled with paired fountains and other rich features, all of which work to complete the running pattern of symmetry to match the front courtyard.

With all of its amazing views and landscape features, the property is a natural for video and film shoots and was the location for rap artist Birdman’s “Fire Flame” music video.

Surprisingly, the property does not feature a drawbridge.

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