Up Close Look: Glow in the Dark Tiles

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photo of glow in the dark pool

Kids are naturally attracted to things that glow in the dark. From the allure of summer fireflies to simple plastic stars stuck to a bedroom ceiling, the neon glow of such products carries a whimsy we don't often see in adulthood β€” until now.

Helping to bring a magical glow to the pool and spa industry is Vidrepur, a tile manufacturer based in Castellon, Spain. Its Luminiscentes line is a glow-in-the-dark tile made from 99 percent recycled material and available in two colors: a soft blue and sea foam green. By day, photo of glow in the dark pooltheir glow-in-the-dark nature remains discreet and non-distracting with a soft, pearlescent appearance. But come nightfall, the landscape is transformed into a luminescent wonderland for six to eight hours.

Looking for a non-tile alternative? StoneGlo may be your answer. Available in deep sapphire, aqua and firefly colors, StoneGlo comes in crystal form (in three sizes) or as a powder. Scatter StoneGlo over wet concrete for a pool project that captures a celestial feel.

To learn more about Vidrepur, visit www.vidrepur.us. To learn more about StoneGlo, visit www.wemakerocks.com.









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