Pool and spa project in Castle Rock, Colo.

0308 114When Hydro-Dynamic Services was asked by the publisher of a local architecture and design magazine to design a waterscape to match her contemporary- styled home in Castle Rock, Colo., “We proposed a pool/spa with clean lines, multiple levels and dramatic water effects,” says member Dave Bryant.

The project features an elevated “mirror box” spa, a pool with an infinity edge and an oversized catch basin that can be used as a tanning and small play area.

“To obtain the ‘mirror box’ look of the spa, we wanted minimal surface movement with as little turbulence as possible,” says Bryant. “To do this, we used a bypass in the pool-to-spa plumbing to really dial in the flow. We also removed return eyeballs to reduce turbulence.” He adds that one of the keys in creating that look was black plaster, so Bryant used onyx Diamond Brite.

The three-tiered project, situated on the crest of a hill with a panoramic view of the Colorado Front Range and downtown Denver, needed specific and exact measurements to provide the owners with a precise vantage point. “When we set out to determine elevations, we spent time sitting or laying down to adjust the line of sight,” says Bryant, “making sure that at certain heights, the bodies of water would be hidden from the neighbors below but would still get the surrounding views.

“The slope of the property actually helped with the multiple levels because we didn’t have to do any major grading or retainage.”

One of the difficulties Bryant faced was the Colorado freeze/thaw period. To achieve the owner’s request — close the pool in winter but keep the spa open yearround — Bryant routed the circulation actuators to the spa and turned them off to prevent any accidental actuator movement. “Then we winterized the pool like any other and lowered the water level in the spa to minimize spillover,” he says.

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