A vanishing edge pool and spa combo in San Diego

One of the most stunning features about this pool is its lengthy 60-foot vanishing edge, which runs the entire length of the home. Because the backyard wasn't the most accommodating to a large poolscape, Troy Wensel, owner of Agua Tierra Pool & Landscape Design Center, Escondido, Calif., and his team went about adding some greater depth.

"What we were able to do is use the pool as the retaining wall to extend the backyard," says Wensel. "So instead of the backyard only being 8 feet, by the time we put in the pool with the vanishing edge and retaining wall, we got [the clients] about 20 feet of flat surface off the back. So it really opened up the upper level yard for them."

The San Diego homeowners are also big entertainers, says Wensel, and they do a lot of weekend barbecues, so an area fit for great entertainment was a must.

"They really wanted the pool and bar associated with the kitchen," says Wensel. "The outdoor kitchen is actually down at the floor level of the pool so the people at the kitchen area and the people up at the bar serving drinks are eye level with the people in the pool."

The pool also features what Wensel calls a "party spa." The 10-by-12-foot raised spa vanishes into the pool and is lined with rolled glass tiles for a comfortable soak.

Wensel completed the look with low-maintenance landscaping per the homeowners' request, a fire pit, two fire bowls framing the spa, low-voltage lighting throughout and a fireplace with surrounding seating.

Nothing's hidden at this San Diego pool

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