Crucial VGB Vote Wednesday

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss and vote on a proposal to change VGB’s current definition of an unblockable drain.

Currently, VGB defines an unblockable drain as a “drain of any size and shape that a human body cannot sufficiently block to create a suction entrapment hazard.”

Following from that definition, up to now, the CPSC has supported the concept that certain approved drain covers can convert blockable drains to unblockable drains, and therefore satisfy the requirements of VGB.

The CPSC’s meeting could change that compliance model. If the current definition of an unblockable drain is changed, it is possible that the installation of approved drain covers could no longer be used to comply with VGB, and that other measures would be required, such as the installation of an SVRS, a vent pipe, multiple drain outlets, etc. — some kind of secondary anti-entrapment system as defined by the Act.

As always, it is impossible to know the precise effect of the CPSC’s ruling until further clarifications are issued. However, in an email sent to media outlets, Carvin DiGiovanni, senior director, Technical and Standards, APSP said,  “The possible revocation of this rule means that a drain cover can no longer be used to convert a blockable drain into an unblockable drain.”

The meeting will take place in Bethesda, Md., on Wednesday, September 21, at 9 a.m. EST, and can be followed live at

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