Diamond delivers steel spa to Hawaiian mountainside home.

Hawaii is famous for its majestic views of the ocean and the surrounding lush landscape. While many can only imagine what it would feel like to go out the back door and witness such a beautiful sight, this homeowner not only gets to experience it firsthand, but he also gets to do it from a hot tub on the side of a cliff behind his home.

"He wanted to watch the sunrise and sunset from his hot tub," says Caleb Salazar, the sales manager at Diamond Spas, Broomfield, Colo., the manufacturer of the stainless steel Elliptical hot tub.

"We worked together on the interior design to create the special seating," says Salazar, noting the "very fluid, very flowing" arrangement that provides the perfect panoramic view.

Getting the tub to its location took some work. It had to be hoisted over the house and the negative-edge pool and down the hillside, which needed to be excavated. "The area was jackhammered, and some of what you see around the entry step is concrete manufactured to look like lava. But the majority of that landscape is natural," Salazar says.

Salazar does say the tub's lightweight design allowed for easy placement: "You can't put a concrete spa on the edge of a cliff without major engineering. Because it's custom and lightweight, it's ideal for this location."

And ideal for the homeowner.

"[He] absolutely loves it," raves Salazar. "And with a view like that, who wouldn't?"

Soaking up the sun on Hawaii's Big Island

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