Energy-efficient pool project in Camarillo, Calif.

Aq509 86This homeowner wanted to up the ante on his 10-year-old smart home and build a resort-like poolscape with some of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly equipment on the market today.

"He gave us the parameters of what he wanted," says Joe Bischel, president of Superior Pools & Spas in Camarillo, Calif. "He wanted to keep his energy down; that was one of the big factors."

Superior outfitted the pool, spa and waterfall combo with five Pentair IntelliFlo VF 3050 pumps, as well as the IntelliTouch i9 automation system with an i10 expansion panel.

"We are controlling about seven or eight different low-voltage lighting systems in the back and front yard," says Bischel. The Pentair IntelliBrite LED system was put on the remote so they can "go on and off at various times and not use too much electricity."

The pool is also equipped with about 800 square feet of solar panels, allowing the homeowner to keep his pool at 85 degrees throughout the summer months without turning on the heater.

The homeowner's child is a bit allergic to chlorine, says Bischel, so the pool features the Wailani 2002 Natural Water Purifier system. The copper/silver ion sanitization system kills bacteria and viruses.

The pool and spa are finished in Beadcrete, a solid, inert, recycled glass bead finish that is suspended in graded aggregates. The family also included two maintenance- and fertilizer-free putting greens behind the pool.

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