Arizona builder revamps 1970's-style pool

When Desert Design Pools arrived at this Scottsdale, Ariz., residence, the owner - a part-time interior decorator - had worked her magic on the house, but the backyard was a different story.

"The whole backyard was just a big dirt field," says Keith Henderson, co-owner, "There was a big old 1970s pool, and it was in fairly bad shape."

Desert Design modified the original 120-foot-perimeter shotcrete pool using as much of the original structure as possible, but replaced everything else.

The clients initially wanted a negative edge added, but the budget and lack of backyard sloping that would allow for it put a halt to that idea. So they decided to incorporate a negative-edge spa inside the pool instead. Desert Design had to build custom radius forms to create it.

Color was also an important element in the look and feel of the project, so after weeks of going through samples, the perfect combination was discovered: Turtle Bay pebble finish, green and black waterline tiles, and Sicis glass tile for the spa.

"The glass tile surface of the spa is an instant eye catcher and gets comments from everyone who sees the project. The goal to take an outdated, average pool and turn it into a work of art was realized," says Henderson.

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