Juno Beach, Fla., residential pool mirrors the Atlantic Ocean

Lll 809 AqWorking on a project with no budgetary constraints gives free rein to the imagination. Virtually any design is possible, along with the high-end material to create it. And this homeowner wanted nothing but the best.

The backyard paradise on this Juno Beach, Fla., property had already been designed by architect Trent Weiland, so when Rock Star Waterfall came in to complete the 3,000-square-foot project, they were told to replicate the Atlantic Ocean.

"The property borders the ocean," says Alfred Garduna, co-owner of Rock Star Waterfall. "The backyard is grass and turns into sand."

The pool features two spas, one more formal against the house, and the other, a "rustic rock lagoon-type spa" sits atop a 14-foot grotto with waterfall.

"It's so beautiful because you'll be up there in the spa and see the whole ocean," says Garduna.

Attached to the grotto is a 20-foot slide that twists itself inside and around the cave.

It took nearly 1,700 tons of Tennessee fieldstone to complete the poolscape, a decision that came after the homeowner changed his mind from using faux rock to real.

The pool and spas are finished with hand-laid mosaic tile, replicating much of what can be found in the depths of the ocean. Mosaic sea creatures like octopuses, dolphins and turtles adorn the pool floor, as well as a variety of sea coral.

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