Nakomis, Fla., custom residential pool project

Oll 210 AqLooks can be deceiving when you first cast your eyes on this 886-square-foot backyard lagoon in Nakomis, Fla. While this picture-perfect rock may look too good to be true, it's not. Builder Lucas Lagoons' claim to fame is its use of natural stone, says Barbara Luehring, vice president, and this tropical poolscape was no exception to the rule.

Not only did Lucas truck in 180 tons of Tennessee fieldstone, it also used it to construct every inch of the eight-person grotto. Each rock, from the 12-foot entrance to the 8-foot cap rock, had to be fitted so that the whole grotto structure would be completely free standing.

The lush landscaping, which Lucas also designed and completed, features a variety of plant life, including two foxtail palms situated in the dead center of the pool.

"In order to plant those and make them thrive," says Luehring, "we had to put down huge sauna tubes so we could pour around them, but then be able to fill them with dirt and serve as actual planters."

Luehring adds that when the water pours over the natural rocks, over the course of time little fern spores begin to sprout, adding to the lush, natural atmosphere.

The homeowner was also adamant about adding a swimming lane to the lagoon. Even though it's basically invisible, Luehring says the 44-foot lane appeased the homeowner: "She wanted to swim laps, but she didn't want it to look at all like a lap pool." Mission accomplished.

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