New England residential vanishing-edge pool

Ooy 909 AqThey say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; when this Massachusetts homeowner found what he liked, he replicated it in his own backyard.

The homeowner had seen examples of the style of pool he wanted in a couple of Miami hotels, "and he had a very specific pool that he wanted to build where the perimeter overflowed," says Ted Rosbeck, owner of Island Pools and Spas in Edgartown, Mass. So Rosbeck worked with a designer to imitate the inspirations and give the homeowner his perfect backyard escape.

The spa is nestled snug into the ground, in stark contrast to the 25-by-50-foot pool behind it with water flowing over all sides. The tile perimeter features flat-black granite, achieving the effect Rosbeck wanted: the look of water coming out of the ground. The pool's interior is finished in jet black Pebble Tec.

With the pool's Martha's Vineyard location close to the water, Island Pools and Spas needed to deal with the challenges of ground water, not to mention making sure the tiles on the overflow were within tight tolerances.

"It was fun," says project manager Bill Milakeve. "It was a nice challenge." Milakeve says the team relied on both laser and water levels to set all four corners of the tile. The installation includes five spa pumps, a 7Ā½-hp pool pump for the overflow that moves 400-plus gallons of water per minute, and a 2,000-gallon surge tank.

The homeowners celebrated the pool's completion in a way quite fitting for the Vineyard - by hosting a Fourth of July party.

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