Residential California Aquatic Fantasyland Would Make Disneyland Jealous

In its initial stages, this pool was nothing more than a dream for some very whimsical homeowners. Mix a little bit of crazy with some fantasy and they went for it, says Barry Hall, owner of Mountain View Pools, Monrovia, Calif.

"They were throwing a lot of ideas around, and they weren't really sure what they wanted," says Hall. "I knew they had a fairy tale approach to this, so right out of the gate I said, 'Let's go to Disneyland and see what it's like.' Trying to nail down specifics was going to be tough."

After three trips to the adventure park, the ideas flowed and came to life, mostly emulating the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride. One of the most prominent features is the woodwork, which is actually concrete. Hall hired a local artist to craft the concrete into a bark-like texture, imitating indigenous trees.

"When you walk up to one of these trees, your natural tendency is to want to peel the bark off," says Hall. "They are very, very realistic."

The project features a variety of fun extras like LED lights, a fog system, grotto with laser lighting, lazy river, ship mast complete with skeleton, canon, captain's wheel, as well as a 50-foot slide that looks like a fallen log.

This California fantasyland would make Disneyland jealous

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