Let it Shine: 2020 Chemical Roundup

5 A 120 Aq Pristine Blue Tile

A lot of work goes into maintaining crystal-clear water. Whether working to properly balance pool water or keep it clean from harmful contaminants, chemicals are there to lend service techs a helping hand. Here, we take a look at just some of the chemicals on the market from industry-leading manufacturers that keep pool water safe and sparkling.



5 A 120 Aq Pristine Blue Sm

The PristineBlue line of products is a complete pool and spa care system. The cornerstone product, the company says, is PristineBlue, a highly effective algaecide and non-public health bactericide. Added every two weeks, the concentrated liquid is easy to apply and is gentle on the eyes, skin and equipment.
pristineblue.com | (800) 962-1492



Aaa 119 Aq Jacks Magic Sm

Jack's Magic
Super Pacs are a natural multi-enzyme that prevents the buildup of suntan lotions, oils, grease and other organic contaminants that can lead to scum lines in pools and spas. This phosphate-free product also improves filter efficiency, reduces chemical usage and helps prevent dull, hazy water in all sanitizer systems. Just one ounce treats 20,000 gallons of pool or spa water for two weeks. It performs in up to 50 ppm of chlorine.
jacksmagic.com | (800) 348-1656



Ozz 119 Aq Lanxess Sm

LANXESS Corporation
With the power of Oxone shock oxidizer, your customers will enjoy sparkling clear water that can be healthy, safe and swim-ready in just 15 minutes after application — all with an oxidizing shock that is easy to use, the company says. Oxone monopersulfate compound delivers all the oxidizing power of chlorine shocks without raising the chlorine concentration. By using the power of active oxygen to remove organic contaminants, pool and spa water quality is restored without forming dangerous chlorinated by-products. With regular use of products containing Oxone weekly oxidizer, chloramines are minimized, there is no chlorinated smell, no eye or skin irritation and swimsuits won't fade.
protectedbylanxess.com/oxone | (800) 441-9408



4 X 120 Aq Natural Chemistry Sm

Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry introduces two highly concentrated new products for the upcoming season, supported by strong retail displays and lucrative discounts off product purchases. PHOSfree MAX is a high-intensity phosphate remover. This 32-ounce bottle is packaged in a high-end box that looks great on the shelf, the company says. Pool Perfect MAX combines over 30 years of evolution into one premier maintenance product that uses three industry-leading technologies: broad spectrum enzymes to clean filters and scum lines, maintenance phosphate removers to keep levels low and water clarification.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233



4 W 120 Aq King Technology Sm

King Technology
FROG @ease is a breakthrough sanitizing system for hot tubs that uses minerals and a unique chlorine that is self-regulating. The result is cleaner, clearer and softer water that's easier to take care of. Users benefit from up to 75% less chlorine, shocking only once a month and no cyanuric acid that can lead to problems. FROG @ease is built into many spa brands and is also available as a floating device for all hot tubs. Consumers return for their replacement cartridges regularly and provide three times the profit of dichlor, which helps build after-market business.
frogproducts.com | (952) 933-6118



4 J 120 Aq Pro Team Sm

ProTeam now offers a revolutionary new way to remove tough stains from pool and spa surfaces with its new Metal Magic Spot Stain Chalk. Simply scrub chalk directly to the problem area to remove stains quickly. Safe for all hard surfaces including plaster, vinyl, tile, concrete and fiberglass. Unused chalk can be dried and reused. Includes two 9-ounce chalk tablets per container.
proteampoolcare.com | (800) 333-0400



4 Y 120 Aq Natures Care Sm

Nature's Care
The newly reimagined Nature's Care brand now offers a revolutionary new product created to help chlorine last longer in pool water with or without the use of cyanuric acid. This new product can help pool professionals and aquatic facilities maintain required chlorine levels and limit or eliminate CYA accumulation in pool water. Chlorine X-Tend protects chlorine from UV deterioration but unlike CYA, the ingredients used in this product do not remain permanently in pool water.
naturescarepool.com | (616) 365-9515



Oou 117 Aq Sm

Capo Industries
Capo Industries, a leading manufacturer of pool and hot tub water treatment products for over 45 years, offers SpaBoss, a complete line that includes sanitizers, balancers and specialty chemical products. With SpaBoss, spa owners can maintain clean, safe, crystal-clear water with little effort.
capoindustries.com | (800) 263-8250



Ooh 118 Aq Sm

N. Jonas
For more than 70 years, N. Jonas has helped pool and spa companies cash in on their branding and make more sales with its private-labeling service. Simply submit your logo or artwork and N. Jonas will silk-screen it onto top-quality chemicals. Don't have a logo? N. Jonas can help design one for you. Products are sold at competitive prices for fast sales and dependable profits. Same-day shipping available.
njonas.com | (800) 523-6533



5 C 120 Aq Sea Klear Sm

Trace metals and fine, suspended particles may cause water to appear cloudy. SeaKlear's new AquaPill 2 Clarifier Plus provides a flocculant that clears cloudy water by binding tiny particles together so they can be trapped by the filter. This multi-action clarifying formula is placed in a pre-measured delivery release system that gradually releases into the filter system where thorough mixing, flocculation and filtration take place.
seaklear.com | (800) 753-1233



5 D 120 Aq Waters Choice Sm

Waters Choice
Waters Choice now has Pure Enzymes for swim spas — once-a-month application for spas up to 2,000 gallons. This 12-ounce bottle is a one month supply of enzymes and is environmentally friendly, saves water and reduces most traditional chemicals in your swim spa. Pure enzymes for swim spas is an all-natural product that is safe, powerful, simple and affordable.
waterschoice.com | (208) 949-2800



4 V 120 Aq Innovative Water Care Sm

Innovative Water Care
Ultima NANO-PHOS provides superior performance and the ultimate in convenience, the company says. Packaged in a point-of-sale display, each case contains 20 tubes. Perfect for use in a skimmer, each tablet contains a rare-Earth salt blend that dissolves with much less clouding than with liquid products. Ultima PhosFIGHT Plus removes more than 13,000 ppb of phosphates in 10,000 gallons of water. This 3-in-1 product also contains a powerful clarifier and potent enzymes to keep water fresh and clear.
poolspacare.com | (800) 248-7665



4 Z 120 Aq Periodic Products Sm

Periodic Products
Developed and approved by Greg Garrett and Dr. Joe Laurino, Periodic Products introduces Aqua Brilliance Sequester Gel with a triple-strength formula. Chemically designed for pool pros and start-up techs, this product reduces plaster dust, sequesters high amounts of metals and makes water sparkle. Save time vacuuming and use less chemicals (and no phosphates) to balance.
culator.com | (954) 764-7654



Eclipse3 Sm

Eclipse3 Algaecide is the original granular, once-a-week algaecide. It controls algae, lowers chlorine consumption, stabilizes pH and improves clarity. It is licensed in all states. Exclusive distribution areas are still available.
eclipse3.com | (800) 263-8250



4 U 120 Aq Caribbean Blue Sm

Caribbean Blue
Caribbean Blue's Micro Clean is a microfloc clarifier that aids in the filtration of the tiniest particles to provide sparkling pool water. Micro Clean is formulated to surround and coagulate microscopic particles as small as two microns, allowing filter media to better remove them from water. Removes both organic and inorganic matter through filtration. This non-metallic, non-staining and non-foaming product provides a unique clarifying formula that is not affected by shock treatments or high chlorine levels.
cbpoolspa.com | (800) 333-0400



Ott 1116 Aq Sm

EasyCare Products
Pooltec is a three-in-one product formulated to kill and prevent algae growth, clarify water and boost chlorine effectiveness to significantly reduce the need for other additives such as clarifiers, less-effective algaecides and phosphate removers. During swim season, Pooltec makes water maintenance easier and more effective without burdensome treatments that may stain surfaces, cloud water, clog pool filter media and complicate overall treatment routine.
easycarewater.com | (800) 289-7660



Oot 117 Aq Sm

Bio-Dex Laboratories
Protect-All Supreme quickly removes and prevents stain and scale. To use, raise the water, apply the product and Protect-All Supreme will remove scale in 48 hours, according to Bio-Dex. It controls metals including rust, iron and corrosion problems and helps stabilize pH. One quart treats 20,000 gallons. In addition, Protect-All Supreme can be used as a tile cleaner and acid wash pre-treatment product. It can also be used in tandem with Aquadex 50 Stain-Off for quick metal removal.
bio-dex.com | (800) 617-3477



Bbb 119 Aq Earth Science Sm

Earth Science Labs
Earth Science Labs' line of specialty chemicals tackles the tough issues. AlgaeShield rapidly disperses to kill and prevent all forms of algae, even in those tough-to-reach spots. Safe for all surfaces and systems, the company's MetalShield removes and prevents metal stains and scaling. EnzyPure removes buildup, reduces CYA and can be used with all sanitizers and bactericides. These high-performance products also come in bulk sizes.
earthsciencelabs.com | (800) 257-9283


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