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The Choice is Clear, Fast and Easy When Choosing Shock

Oxone™ potassium monopersulfate has been widely used in residential and commercial swimming pools and spas since the 1970's. Today, Oxone™ is the most widely used chlorine-free oxidizer in North America.  

With the power of Oxone™ shock oxidizer, your customers will enjoy sparkling clear water that can be healthy and safe, and swim-ready in just 15 minutes after application; all with an oxidizing shock that is easy to use.

Oxone™ monopersulfate compound delivers all the oxidizing power of chlorine shocks without raising the chlorine concentration.  By using the power of active oxygen to remove organic contaminants, pool and spa water quality is restored  without forming dangerous chlorinated by-products. With regular use of products containing Oxone™ weekly oxidizer, chloramines are minimized, there is no chlorinated smell, no eye or skin irritation, and swimsuits won’t fade.

When your customer asks for an oxidizer, the choice is clear, fast and easy. Recommend products powered by Oxone™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer.

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