Must-See Products at the 2015 PSP Expo

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On the hunt for cool products in Vegas? Here's just some of the new and bestselling products you’ll find on the show floor:

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The filtration needs of spas are very specific and fundamentally different in many ways from pools. With that in mind, Pleatco researched, developed and created the first premium performance filter cartridge optimized for spas. Pleatco Advanced SPA Filter Cartridges are made from an exclusive, heavier point-bonded filtration fabric with finer fibers that provide better flow, higher dirt holding capacity and longer performance life that simply outperforms competitive medias, the company says.
Booth 1545 |



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The Cover Company
The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs with locking pieces for quick installation. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles, are handled with ease. The Cover Company asks that builders looking for a quote should fax or email a drawing.
Booth 3269 |



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Pentair Aquatic Systems
Like all IntelliFlo pumps, the new TradeGrade IntelliFlo 2 VST pump saves up to 90 percent in energy costs. Its user-friendly digital keypad can be rotated for easy programming and monitoring. This remarkably quiet pump easily integrates with pool automation systems for added convenience and control. Features eight programmable speed settings.
Booth 2345 |



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With a flip of a switch, a Coverstar automatic safety cover creates a barrier over the pool no child or pet can penetrate. With the recent release of AutoDrain, the pool area can be even safer, the company says. AutoDrain is a unique cover pump that automatically positions itself over the cover while it is closing, eliminating the need to manually place a cover pump on the cover. It will automatically detect and remove dangerous standing water from the top of the cover.
Booth 2457 |



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Amish Gazebos
Amish Gazebos invites you to join them in the Genesis Pavilion and in booth 166 to learn about the 6-Pack Pergola offer, a deal that can make you $10,000. Here's how: Buy a pergola for $990 and sell it for $1,995. Add $500 to stain it and $500 to install each unit. Repeat until you make $10,000. Learn more on the website or at the show.
Booth 166 |



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The PoolCleaner is available in both suction (two and four wheel) and pressure cleaners that efficiently clean any type of pool. Patented features such as self-adjusting turbine vanes ensure maximum power at any flow and effortless debris management. Patented robust tire treads and other features work in concert with multiple pre-programmed steering sequences to ensure easy wall-climbing, obstacle management and maximized pool coverage while delivering the cleanest surface.
Booths 3244, 3250 |



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Cover-Pools automatic pool covers provide a reliable solution to keep families safe. This innovative design provides a safe, alternative solution to keep unwanted swimmers out and saves customers up to 70 percent on heat, water, chemicals and cleaning. Now offering stainless steel cables instead of rope, this automatic pool cover requires fewer pool cover adjustments and easier fabric replacements.
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CMP is excited to announce the new Brilliant Wonders 1.5-inch LED Light. The light's high-performance nicheless design installs in any 1.5-inch pool wall fitting, locks into place with a quarter turn and offers an industry-first IP68 quick disconnect for easy serviceability. Cree LEDs provide a perfect balance of brightness, energy savings and longevity. Built-in CMP Smart Sync technology allows users to synchronize with lighting and controls from major pool OEMs. With more than a dozen full-color, stainless and two-tone interchangeable designer faceplates, the new Brilliant Wonders 1.5-inch LED Light offers an attractive and distinctive installed appearance.
Booth 3644 |



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Inter-Fab has several new options at the PSP Expo. The new Pool Lifestyle Tables are ideal for sundecks, in-pool tanning ledges, etc. — and now come with cup holders. In addition, the new designer and custom rails are the perfect upsell for service professionals; made of marine-grade stainless steel, they're offered in thermoplastic coat, powder coat and commercial-grade options. The Adrenaline Slide now comes in a new Desert Sand color to match the latest backyard décor. Finally, Inter-Fab has partnered with Pool Studio to make it easy for pool designers to sell their customers on slides, diving boards, waterfalls and more.
Booth 4251 |



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RB Control Systems
RB Control Systems software completely manages retail and service on PCs, tablets, smartphones and laptops. The greatest advantage is the high degree of visibility it provides into your business, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently while providing the information to make key business decisions. With every transaction, you are also tracking inventory and sales trends. Manage scheduling, revolving service, customers, sales leads, marketing, receivables and more.
Booth 4357 |



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Pegasus Products
Since 1982, Pegasus Products has manufactured vinyl pool liners for inground and aboveground pools. They can craft custom liners for any pool regardless of shape or size. Drop by the booth to see their pattern options.
Booth 3269 |



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Anderson Manufacturing
Tired of digging to replace a broken or cracked return fitting? The Frankenplug Fitting Saver provides a quick, long-term and cost-effective fix to this common problem. The Fitting Saver slides into a broken fitting and creates a seal in both the 1 ½-inch threads of the fitting and the 1 ½-inch pipe beyond the break. A ¾-inch open pipe extends through the seals, enabling water to pass through the repaired fitting when the pool is put back into service.
Booth 3257 |



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Frank Wall Enterprises
Frank Wall's Pool Wall Board is a patent-pending plastic sheet designed as a protective wall board for vinyl liner pool walls. The moisture-proof sheets feature a proprietary surface treatment on both sides and securely bonds to all types of vinyl liner pool walls (including steel, polymer, wood and concrete) using Frank's Sticky Stuff pool wall foam and board adhesive. The PWB 1.0 density is very close to that of water and will not float when a liner floats, which reduces callbacks.
Booth 258 |



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Beluga Pool Solutions
When a garden hose sits in the sun for even a short time, the water is warm when you turn it on. Beluga Pool Solutions took that logic and created the Beluga Solar Pool Heating Device, which attaches to a pools' filtration system and diverts a small stream of water into a garden hose. This water collects heat and is then returned to the pool 10 to 15 degrees warmer. The Beluga is one of the simplest, least expensive solutions to pool heating on the market, the company says.
Booth 1462 |



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Dream Maker Spas
Dream Maker Spas makes a bold new entry into the affordable spa market with the Crossover Collection. This next-generation spa is destined to become the new alternative to acrylic at a fraction of the cost. The Crossover Collection is manufactured using advanced HDPE materials that create a solid, yet elegant Pearlglaze finish. The Crossover 730L is 36 inches deep with a full-size lounge, six color combinations, solid unibody construction, eight exterior cabinet lights, 30 stainless steel adjustable jets, a MoonGlo LED waterfall and decorative easy-access panels.
Booth 3832 |



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BioGuard Pool Complete raises pool care to the next level by enhancing pool water's appearance. This proprietary three-in-one, high-intensity weekly formula keeps water amazingly clear, prevents waterline buildup and removes phosphates. Just 4 fl. oz. per 8,000 gallons (1 to 2 capfuls) per week creates a noticeably better-looking pool, and the gallon bottle with easy-pour spout makes application a breeze, the company says. One bottle treats approximately 250,000 gallons and lasts the average pool owner about three months.
Booth 1650 |



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Carefree Clearwater
Carefree Clearwater's Model 1200 series units now all come with a more versatile, upgraded enclosure design; a new complete and accurate testing kit for all important water balance parameters; and improved anode hardware. As an alternative to chemicals, the mineral ions automatically control algae, bacteria and maintain a stable sanitizer residual while also increasing profits and customer satisfaction. Comes with lifetime warranty.
(800) 364-5710 |



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Little Giant
The Little Giant APCP-1700 pool cover pump is designed and certified specifically for use on pool covers. The pump's unique design gives added stability while its weight is ideal for attracting water. A side discharge allows for optimal water removal and provides less risk for kinks in the output hose. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry and place on the cover, and the integrated float switch automatically activates in approximately 2 inches of water. Moves up to 1700 gallons per hour.
Booth 3272 |



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Aqua Comb
Mi-Way Inc. plans to showcase its updated Pool Aqua Comb as well as the all-new Spa Aqua Comb at the PSP Expo. The Aqua Comb is a handheld device that easily attaches to a garden hose — from there, it digs deep into cartridge pleats to remove dirt and open the pleats. The process takes just three to five minutes and uses less than 5 gallons of water, making the Aqua Comb ideal for drought-prone areas. In addition, a well-cleaned filter lowers utility bills due to more efficient filtering. Made in the USA.
Booth 2773 |



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U.S. Silica
U.S. Silica's newest and most advanced pool filter sand, MysticBlue, features an antimicrobial coating that helps to inhibit the growth of microbial organisms to assist in providing superior water filtration. Specifically, it helps prevent algae, odor-causing bacteria and fungi such as mold and mildew that can appear in or on the filter bed. MysticBlue helps prevent deterioration and discoloration of the filter bed and maximizes filtration performance.
Booth 1671 |



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Pentair Commercial Aquatics
Pentair Commercial's equipment is designed to reduce operating costs for aquatic facilities, and includes filters, pumps, heaters, controllers, lifeguard chairs, deck equipment & LED lighting options. Check out the new BioShield CLP UV System, which offers cost savings by reducing chemical usage and simultaneously improving air and water quality. In addition, the new Max-E-Pro XF with TEFC motor is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum with anodized finish. Ambient air can't enter the motor, which prevents corrosion from the inside out.
Booth 2345 |



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Delta UV
Delta UV will display new UV products to fit any size pool — including the EL LITE UV, designed as an affordable sanitizing system for semi-commercial pools. The EL LITE UV removes the smell of chlorine and prevents red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair while also destroying microorganisms not eliminated by chlorine or salt systems. Easy to install and maintain, the EL LITE UV is an item pool pros can upsell to customers. Made in the USA.
Booth 3851 |



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Unicel offers a full line of replacement filter elements and DE grids made to exact OEM specifications, including replacement pleated elements for all makes of pool and spa cartridge filter systems, replacement rectangular DE grids (center port, top port and offset top port) and replacement vertical DE grids for both up-flow and down-flow filter systems. The annual Unicel Replacement Guide is a comprehensive compendium of technical specs for equipment.
Booth 4243 |



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Splash-a-Round Pools
New from Splash-a-Round Pools for the 2016 season is the Summer Breeze. This new soft-sided portable pool is made with heavy river raft-type material that is backed by a limited 10-year warranty. It also has a 2-inch galvanized top rail framework and is 52 inches deep. In addition to its new look, the easy snap-together frame makes assembly a breeze. Call for a free dealer package.
Booth 1369 |



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Magic Plastics
Switch out and upgrade restrictive center-poppet springs or older Swing Check Acme threaded valves with Magic Plastics' new Retro Replacement Smart Check valve bodies. With this product, there's no need to purchase the entire valve assembly and discard the union fittings. Magic's Retro is sold separately as a replacement body in 1½-inch and 2-inch sizes. Offers the same full-flow design as Magic Plastics' popular Smart Check valves. The light ½-pound spring allows you to install the valve in any orientation while still achieving a 100-percent full-flow opening.
Booth 1950 |



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Tara Liners
Tara is replacing nine patterns and adding an additional three patterns, making the 2016 collection the company's largest and most exciting ever. The new patterns feature cutting-edge printing technology and modern, eye-catching designs, as well as the unique SureSeam weld, which gives customers invisible seams and the best fit. Made from material produced in the U.S., every Tara liner features a 20-year warranty with five years of full replacement coverage.
Booth 4862 |



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The Poly-Planar MA4052LG self-draining spa speaker is engineered from long-lasting, chemical-resistant materials in a soothing cool gray color. The unique self-drain feature prevents the speakers from collecting water, allowing optimum audio performance. Great audio performance, long life and low cost make these speakers the perfect addition to your spa design, the company says.
Booth 745 |



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King Technology
King Technology's new @ease Floating Sanitizing System, featuring SmartChlor Technology, reduces chlorine use up to 75 percent with a new kind of chlorine that only works with FROG minerals and is self-regulating. When there is demand on the hot tub, SmartChlor Technology goes to work. No constant monitoring needed, just a once-a-month shock. @ease floats in the hot tub and flips over when the SmartChlor Cartridge is empty (every three to four weeks). Dealers can earn up to three times the profit of dichlor with strong aftermarket sales.
Booth 1050 |



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Latham Pool Products
One-piece fiberglass tanning ledges are now available on Latham vinyl liner pools, providing builders more freedom to personalize projects. These tanning ledges come in an assortment of shapes and colors and feature multiple spillways that allow the water to cascade into the main pool. Designed to sit adjacent to the main pool, the tanning ledge offers 10 inches of water for young kids to play in or adults to lounge in.
Booth 2457 |



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The new one-dip Insta-TEST Biguanide test strip measures biguanide (0 – 80 ppm), alkalinity (0 - 240 ppm), pH (6.2 - 9.0) and hardness (0 - 800 ppm). The strip offers users accurate, fast results in just 10 seconds. There are 25 test strips packaged in a waterproof PopTop bottle with desiccant liner that protects the strips from moisture intrusion. The bottles are blister-carded with 12 units per case (code 2938-12). Stop by the LaMotte booth for a free sample.
Booth 945 |



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Spazazz is introducing Water Therapy, an all-new take on the aromatherapy experience with a water-based formulation. The new line focuses on health benefits of aloe vera, botanicals such as chamomile and rosemary, menthol and vitamins. Available in six fragrances: Benefit, Power, Refresh, Pamper, Relax and Sensual. Visit the booth for complimentary samples.
Booth 1765 |



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PristinePure is a four-in-one multipurpose cleaner that makes pool and spa care more effective. It is a blend of biodegradable, environmentally friendly, plant-based enzymes designed to work with all swimming pool water treatment systems. PristinePure naturally consumes leftover, unfilterable contaminants such as lotions, body oils and cosmetics. It's non-toxic, low foaming and contains no dyes or fragrances. PristinePure reduces the need for constant shocking and oxidizing, reducing overall chemical needs and possibly decreasing maintenance costs.
Booth 2862 |



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Valterra Products
The King-Fun Pool Brush by Blue Devil clings to pool walls in both forward and backward strokes, which means pool owners and service technicians can brush the pool in half the time — with no strain. The unique 4 ½-inch King-Fin easily connects to the poly-bristle brush with a standard Phillips screwdriver. Features an aluminum handle and stainless steel components for durability.
Booth 1253 |



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Coral Seas
Yellow Out is a chlorine-enhancing product so strong, it removes algae from the pool surface without brushing. Yellow Out works best when the pH is high, the company says, which makes it ideal for pool openings. While chlorine doesn't work as well under high pH conditions, Yellow Out helps by reversing the effects of high pH. Yellow Out is safe, easy and works quickly, bringing water from green to clean in 24 hours.
Booth 3370 |



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Hayward Pool Products
OmniLogic is a simple, intuitive backyard automation system designed for ease of use by pool owners. The sophisticated controller combines the multiplatform, user-friendly interfaces of today's leading-edge consumer electronics (Apple, Android) with an intelligent, modular system architecture that makes design, installation and programming easier and more efficient than traditional controllers. In addition, OmniLogic uses cloud-based communication to offer easy integration with leading home automation systems, including Crestron Home Automation.
Booths 3244, 3250 |



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RicoRock's newest product is the Stream Section, a one-piece cast concrete panel that allows waterfall placement away from the pool edge. The main piece is 7 feet wide, 4 feet deep and weighs about 300 pounds. It works well with the Tennessee Ledger waterfall kit or even a natural stone waterfall (pictured here with a Caleb's Spring one-piece waterfall). Available in several color patterns and installs with mortar or concrete. Optional Steppers can be used to create a pathway from the pool deck.
Booth 4054 |



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Odyssey Systems
The Muck Vac from Odyssey Systems is ideal for ponds, fountains, spas and small pools. Eliminates muck and fish waste, doesn't cause turbidity and there's no need to displace fish or plants prior to use. No moving parts. Complete kit includes Muck Vac power head, vac head brush, telescoping pole and discharge hose. Requires minimum 60 psi garden hose pressure to operate.
Booth 4247 |



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Spider Tie
The Spider Tie Concrete Forming System provides a new and easy way to form any size or shape concrete wall in a fraction of the time and money required with other systems. To use, attach plywood to the Spider Tie framework with screws and fill your form with concrete. Once cured, simply unscrew the plywood, which may be used again on future projects.
Booth 4640 |



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Allied Innovations
Stop by the Allied Innovations booth to take advantage of the free daily tool drawing, spa pack and control specials and see the exciting new design and functionality of the online store, Spa manufacturers, distributors, dealers and service technicians can easily browse, purchase and ship spa controls, hard-to-find replacement parts and more at their own convenience.
Booth 1850 |



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Cover Valet
Cover Valet will be exhibiting its full line of spa accessory products including the new AirO Inflatable Spa Cover. The AirO Spa Cover is like no other spa cover on the market and will give spa dealers and their customers a new choice when it comes to replacement covers, the company says. Stop by the booth to see why the AirO Spa Cover is paving the way for safety, cost and efficiency.
Booth 1857 |



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Clearwater Spas
Clearwater Spas is the premier line of portable hot tubs for hydrotherapy, luxury and relaxation. Your customers can enjoy a soothing experience with music therapy from the Bluetooth audio system, light therapy from the multicolored LED lighting or water therapy from the waterfall features. The spa controls can be operated via smartphone with the Wi-Fi module.
(800) 791-1190 |



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Color Match Pool Fittings
Color Match Pool Fittings' patent-pending Pebble Top Pop Up Cleaning Heads adhere any plaster, aggregate, or tile directly to the top of each head so they disappear into the pool floor, which means an in-floor cleaning system can seamlessly blend with any pool finish. The company offers versions compatible with Paramount, A&A and other in-floor cleaning systems. Stop by the booth to see them as well as the 20-Inch Round Unblockable SuperFlow360 Pebble Top Drain Cover and the only square Flush Mount Return Fitting on the market.
Booth 1466 |


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