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Located in Kissimmee Fla., the Give Kids The World Village is an 89-acre, nonprofit resort that provides free, weeklong vacations to critically ill children and their families from all around the world.

The Village was created in 1989, after the founder, Henri Landwirth, met a little girl named Amy who suffered from leukemia. She wished to visit the Disney World theme parks in Orlando, Fla.; however, the travel plans took too long to arrange, and before her wish could be granted, Amy passed away. From that day forward, Landwirth decided it would be his life's mission to give a piece of childhood back to ill children by granting them a fast-arranged, wish vacation.

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Since then, the Village has welcomed almost 200,000 families, which is made possible through the support of generous donors and community partners, as well as an abundance of passionate volunteers, donating their time and efforts to make the wishes of the children come true.

During the weeklong vacation at the Village, wish families can expect to laugh, play and create priceless memories together, separate from the endless hospital visits and medical procedures they have come accustomed to over the years. The children will be reminded of what it means to actually be a child, filled with lots of joy and little worry in the seven days they spend at the Give Kids The World Village.

Recently, Central Florida Pool and Spa, a routine maintenance and intricate repair/remodel pool company located in Davenport, Fla., took it upon themselves to support the Village, donating and installing both a handicap lift and pool heater.

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"As the owner of Central Florida Pool and Spa, I believe it was paramount for us to support an organization like Give Kids The World, which provides dream vacations for children with critical illnesses, because this initiative aligns with our company values of community engagement and making a positive impact," says Jeff Mckinney.

"Witnessing the joy and healing that aquatic experiences can bring, we were able to team with vendors and donate, and then install, an Aqua Creek handicap lift and a Jandy Pool Heater to ensure that every child at Give Kids The World can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the pool. Ultimately, we are just excited to contribute to the wellbeing of these children."

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