Fluidra Provides Proactive Incentive to Help Climate Change

Fluidra, a leading provider of pool and wellness equipment, is once again celebrating International Day of Climate Action (October 24) with a weeklong event (October 23 to 27) to help raise awareness of climate change, take action towards reducing our carbon footprint, and showcase how the industry can mitigate its impact on the environment.

Last year, the company offset its day-to-day carbon emissions by planting well over 25,000 trees globally for every variable-speed pump that was purchased during Climate Action Week, resulting in 3,641 tons of carbon being absorbed from the atmosphere. 

This year, as part of their reforestation initiative, the company has added cartridge filters in its effort to incentivize pool professionals to do their part by installing more efficient equipment; for every variable-speed pump or cartridge filter sold globally during the week of Oct. 23 to 27, Fluidra will plant a tree.

“This promotion is an example of how we're trying to call attention to some simple steps our industry can take to minimize its footprint on the environment while keeping our industry thriving,” says Lennie Rhoades, president at Fluidra North America.

Beyond Climate Action Week, Fluidra will continue driving change by drawing attention to more efficient solutions that provide pool owners with products that decrease energy use, water loss and chemical use, all while helping to reduce the costs of pool ownership. They will also continue to invest in the technologies that help create a more sustainable — and cost-saving — pool experience.

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