NDPA Launches New Brand, Website and Campaign

Despite collective tireless efforts, drowning is still the single leading cause of death for children ages one through four. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, as of 2018 drowning has surpassed birth defects as the most common cause of death in this age group. However, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance's theme for their 2020 conference still applies: "Drowning won’t stop, so neither will we!"

To rise and meet this challenge, the NDPA will launch a refreshed brand, new website and new campaign. The organization officially unveiled the new brand and website on Monday, November 15. Next, they'll launch a new campaign focused on backyard pool and spa safety on Tuesday, November 16 at the International Pool, Spa, Patio and Deck Expo in Dallas, Texas.

Below are details about the new programs:

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Branding Refresh

The NDPA’s mission is “United, we can prevent the tragedy of drowning," and their vision is to become the top destination for drowning prevention education in the U.S. As the organization matures and enters into the next phase of growth, leadership has decided to ensure that NDPA’s brand and image reflect the seriousness and importance of the issues they are working to solve. The refreshed look is centered on a blue pallet of colors. The color blue represents responsibility, sincerity, professionalism, stability and intelligence; all of which are core values of the NDPA. In the coming weeks, the organization will be making new member, partner, supporter and sponsor logos available via their online resource center and through email NDPA communications.

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New Website

To better meet the various audiences they serve, the NDPA will launch a new website. The new website is designed to give users the information and resources that they need the most. Parents and professionals will have dedicated areas with critical tools, knowledge, and resources to best meet their needs. The NDPA members and partners will continue to have quick and easy access to the NDPA Resource Center and programs in a new dedicated area of the new website. Additional resources and expanded tools will also be launching in the coming months.

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Water Safety Champions 

The pool and spa industry has reported growth of over 20% since the start of 2020, and layers of protection are critical to backyard safety. In response, the NDPA will be launching a new campaign focused on championing safety in backyard pool and spa environments. The first phase of this exciting campaign will launch at the International Pool, Spa, Patio, and Deck Expo in Dallas, TX. It will be focused on supporting and working with pool and spa industry professionals to enhance consumer water safety education in a positive and proactive way. Pool and spa professionals will have the first opportunity to sign up to become Water Safety Champions and join the NDPA on the mission to save lives.

More Coming Soon… Keep an eye out for more news and information from the NDPA in the coming weeks. The organization will be making some exciting announcements about the 2022 Drowning Prevention Symposium and the 2023 National Water Safety Conference locations and dates very soon.

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