Clear Comfort Cares Program Recognizes an Aquatic Facility That Gives Back

Clear Comfort is giving back to an organization or facility that uses pools or spas as tools to help, heal or teach members in its community. Through equipment donations, the Clear Comfort Cares program brings cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable swimming environments to those in need. To nominate a facility, please visit

The First Recipient

In August 2020, the YMCA of Northern Colorado was the first recipient of the Clear Comfort Cares program for its YMCA Safety Around Water program that offers free water safety lessons to kids from the communities’ local school districts. With more than 600 local children who have benefited from the Safety Around Water lessons, the program provides children with new opportunities for growth and development through healthy activity.

“It’s more important than ever to protect the health of our patrons and community,” says Keith Williams, chief properties officer at the YMCA of Northern Colorado. “The Clear Comfort system is the gift that keeps on giving. We are so grateful to offer our swimmers with the best, healthiest and most enjoyable water with the Clear Comfort Cares Giving program.”

More to Come

More than ever before, communities are craving the ability to feel healthy and safe. Aquatics operators are at the forefront of maintaining their communities’ safe spaces for exercise, enjoyment and health. Clear Comfort is giving back at the community level by donating an AOP system to selected non-profit, governmental facilities or organizations that provide aquatic programs to those in need.

“In these challenging times, we want to thank and give back to an aquatics facility that goes above and beyond to take care of their community and those in need,” says Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort. “We created the Clear Comfort Cares program to provide an aquatics facility with a healthier and easier way to treat water and its community.”

Anyone can nominate an aquatic facility by filling out the form on Clear Comfort will review all submissions will review and evaluate submissions and then notify the new recipients.

The nominated aquatics facility or organization’s aquatic programs must be specifically designed to use water as a tool for physical health, safety, rehabilitating or healing its community members. The Clear Comfort AOP system donation is meant to enhance the quality of the water in which these special aquatics programs will be provided.

With Clear Comfort’s award-winning AOP, the winning aquatic facility or organization can provide swimmers and staff with the best, freshest and healthiest water and air quality with up to 90 percent reduction of harmful disinfection by-products. In addition, Clear Comfort’s AOP is third-party proven to safely reduce toxic chemical use and eliminate dangerous, chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium.

The Clear Comfort Cares Program donation will include everything needed for a simple and complete AOP system installation. Clear Comfort will work with local service providers to help minimize installation costs. Clear Comfort’s network of top-notch service companies will have the opportunity to nominate their customers' facility as long as they contribute the installation services as part of their nomination.

The next Clear Comfort Cares Program nominations will be accepted until Nov. 30, 2020, and the winner will be announced on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020.

To nominate an aquatic facility or to learn more, please visit

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